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The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest - S6-E3

Trivia: After Joey finishes her email to Dawson, she clicks on her Address Book on her laptop. There is a brief shot of several names and email addresses. Again, the next morning Joey checks her laptop for email responses. To her surprise, she receives several email replies because she accidently sent the email to the Worthington Campus instead of Dawson. Again, you can see a brief shot of the names and addresses listed as responses. In both these shots, most of the names listed are actually crew members and management of "Dawson's Creek", as can be referenced in the Credits. (00:03:25 - 00:06:30)

The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest - S6-E3

Trivia: When Joey is using her laptop to email Dawson, she opens her Address Book when finished to send the email. You can see a partial list of addresses, and if you look closely they are mostly names of crew members for the show. The names listed are: Alan Hartley; Bill King; Elizabeth Clay; Jane Beck (Art Department Coordinator); Julie Delaney (Key Hair); Sandra Allen (Key Make-Up).When Joey gets up the next morning, she checks her laptop for responses to the email she thought she had sent to Dawson. Again, the list of people responding appears to be crew/management-related for Dawson's Creek. Names are: Caleb Womble (Production Coordinator); Chad Graves (1st Assistant Director); Dale Williams (Associate Producer); David Hartly (Unit Production Manager); Frank Waldeck; Greg Prange (Producer); Heather Brannon (Assistant Production Coordinator); Linda Jasper; Michael Jefferson (2nd Assistant Director); Vikki King; Roger Lively (Paymaster); Frank Perl (Director Of Photography); Larry Long (Production Sound). (00:03:25 - 00:06:30)

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Jen: Do you remember when you were ten and your Mom wouldn't get you that candy bar that you really, really wanted? Didn't you ever just... Swipe it?
Dawson: No.



At the end of the episode, Dawson is seated in the kitchen talking to Pacey in a normally loud voice. At the same time, Joey and Charlie are awake and talking in the pup tent in the living room, very close to the kitchen. Later in the Season we learn that Joey had no idea Dawson had driven down to Florida to see her, as apparently he left without seeing or talking to her. But being in such close proximity that morning; there is no way Joey would not have been able to hear Dawson's voice as he talked with Pacey. The living room was close enough to the kitchen, so it doesn't make sense that Joey wouldn't have known Dawson was there and if she did-she would have gone to talk to him.