Dawson's Creek

The Kiss - S2-E1

Trivia: During this scene when Pacey is talking to Christie, he sits down on a bench by the water. In reality, directly behind where Pacey is sitting, across the river is the USS North Carolina - a battleship which has been decommissioned and is currently a tourist attraction. Whenever they had to shoot in this Waterfront District, they were always careful to frame out the large ship and hide it from viewers. The battleship was never seen at all in any episodes of Dawson's Creek. (00:32:40)

The Kiss - S2-E1

Trivia: This scene of Andie and Pacey shopping actually took place in an area of Wilmington, NC that was called "Molly's Market". At the end of Season 4 or 5, the marketplace closed down. Dawson's Creek tore out all the market stuff and used the building as a location to build the bar which was a key hang-out for the College kids in later Seasons. (Hell's Kitchen?). (00:36:20)

The Kiss - S2-E1

Trivia: According to Paul Stupin during the narrative for this episode, the actual creek in front of Dawson's House was called "Hulett's Creek". (00:18:10)

The Kiss - S2-E1

Trivia: According to Paul Stupin during the narrative for this episode; the bugs down by the creek in the area by Joey's house were very noisy, and often they would have to remix and rerecord all of the dialogue shot there. Lots of times, they would have to completely replace the dialogue. (00:23:30)

100 Light Years From Home - S5-E19

Plot hole: At the end of the episode, Dawson is seated in the kitchen talking to Pacey in a normally loud voice. At the same time, Joey and Charlie are awake and talking in the pup tent in the living room, very close to the kitchen. Later in the Season we learn that Joey had no idea Dawson had driven down to Florida to see her, as apparently he left without seeing or talking to her. But being in such close proximity that morning; there is no way Joey would not have been able to hear Dawson's voice as he talked with Pacey. The living room was close enough to the kitchen, so it doesn't make sense that Joey wouldn't have known Dawson was there and if she did-she would have gone to talk to him.

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Jen: Cute.
Jack: Gay.
Jen: Aren't they all?

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...Must Come to an End (2) - S6-E24

Question: The ending scene of the Series Finale shows Joey and Pacey apparently living together in a high-rise apartment. The TV looks the same as her NYC apartment, and there is a beautiful window view of lighted high-rise buildings and a harbor or bay. The question is - is this Boston or NYC? Are they living in her previous NYC apartment, or did they find a new place together in nearby Boston? It looked to me more like Boston, but Pacey had just started his restaurant business in Capeside and that is an hour away. Where are they living at the end of the series? It was vague to me.

Answer: It's the same apartment Joey had in NYC. Comparing it to the beginning of the Finale; you can tell it's exactly the same location, furnishings, Plasma TV etc. Apparently Chris was only living with her at HER apartment, and now Pacey has taken his place at the end. I guess this implies Pacey successfully started his own restaurant business in NYC as he had dreamed, to be with Joey.

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