Star Trek: Voyager

Threshold - S2-E15

Corrected entry: When Paris is gasping for air in sickbay several of his dental fillings are visible. It's highly unlikely that dentistry of the 24:th century still uses metal amalgam to fix teeth.

Correction: You're assuming they are metal, they could be made of any material, colouring proves nothing. And personal opinions are not valid entries either.


Threshold - S2-E15

Corrected entry: The science behind what happens to Paris in this episode is fundamentally flawed. The Doctor states that Tom is "evolving," however the smallest unit of evolution is a population. An individual cannot evolve, only mutate. Also, evolution is not a predestined process as it is apparently portrayed in this episode. It is a random occurrence, and so there is no way to know what humanity will evolve into.

Correction: This is not a scientific error, but a grammatical one, and since the doctor is a humanized facsimile of its original creator, it is simply a semantic choice of the original programmer. In common usage, mutation and evolution are often interchanged by the user, even if the absolute literal definition is not 100% accurate.


Threshold - S2-E15

Corrected entry: In this episode it is stated that Warp 10 is actually infinite Warp - a craft travelling at such a velocity will simultaneously occupy every point in the universe. However in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode All Good Things part 2 (shot several years earlier), the Captain Riker of the future at one point orders the modified Enterprise to be taken to Warp 13. Even if the problems of using Warp 10 were ever ironed out, how would it be possible to go faster?

Correction: The warp scale was adjusted once between Classic Trek and TNG. We see 1701 going Warp 12-13 a few times while 1701-D struggled to do 9.6. Obviously it was adjusted again while never quite reaching infinite speed. (This sounds odd, but warp is measured exponentially, so every decimal point closer to infinite speed is hugely faster.)

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