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The Boyfriend (1) - S3-E17

Continuity mistake: When George is lying on the floor in his underwear, a newspaper is on his right side. When they take the reverse shot (Jerry's view of him lying there), the newspaper is on George's left side.

Seinfeld mistake picture

The Parking Garage - S3-E6

Visible crew/equipment: After Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer walk out of the orange stairwell, there is a shot as they come out the door. A car drives past. The crew is reflected in the window.

Seinfeld mistake picture

The Red Dot - S3-E12

Continuity mistake: After Elaine unwraps her cashmere sweater, Kramer wraps the ribbon around his neck in a scarf-like way and then lies back on the couch. In a long shot of the apartment (as Elaine exits the bathroom), the ribbon is gone, but when it cuts to Kramer and he asks about the red dot (and for the rest of the scene), the ribbon is back.

Seinfeld mistake picture

The Limo - S3-E19

Continuity mistake: At the airport, while deciding to take the limo, Jerry's scarf moves on and off his shoulder between shots.

Seinfeld mistake picture

The Parking Space - S3-E22

Continuity mistake: One shot shows George beginning to step out of the car, with his leg out of the vehicle, but in the next shot, he appears to be fully inside the car. (00:06:30)


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