Seinfeld (1990)

2 corrected entries in The Airport

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The Airport - S4-E12

Corrected entry: When Kramer tells George that Jerry and Elaine's flight has been rerouted again, they both leave and George still has the Time magazine with him. Did he steal it?

Correction: Probably. It wouldn't be out of character for George to steal the magazine.

The Airport - S4-E12

Corrected entry: When Jerry and Elaine are trying to get on the plane, they are told that the plane is full except for two seats, one in first class and one in coach. However, Elaine is later able to find an empty seat in first class, but there were only two openings, when they boarded.

Correction: People will often enough buy a ticket in advance, then not show up. The Computer will still register the seat as sold, and whoever it is might not have called ahead to tell them he couldn't make it.

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