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The Package - S8-E5

Corrected entry: In this episode, George finds out that Sheila, the photo store woman, is checking out his pictures during development. Right after he discovers this, he goes to Jerry's apartment and starts snapping pictures, one of which is of Jerry fiddling with his stereo with a screwdriver. Later on in the episode, Newman passes by the photo place and happens to see that photo being developed, so he confiscates the roll (which also includes George's sexy photos). The problem is, the photo of Jerry could not have been on that roll since George had already been back to the photo place at least once before after snapping the picture of Jerry. Jerry's picture would've been in the roll that had the picture of the scantily-clad model and of George posing with the Mercedes.


Correction: This is an assumption and there's no proof of this. After George noticed Shelia had been looking at his pictures, he took more pictures (next to the Mercedes and wax Burt) and dropped that roll off. He then started on his 3rd roll of film while waiting for his 2nd roll to be developed. Jerry with his stereo (and Jerry with Elaine) was on this 3rd roll. In addition, when we see Kramer about to start taking pictures of George, we never see Kramer or George load a new roll into the camera, and the sexy pics are on the same 3rd roll as Jerry with the stereo.


The Doorman - S6-E18

Corrected entry: Jerry and Elaine are held liable for the couch that was stolen from the lobby of Mr. Pitt's apartment building because Jerry, who agreed to cover for the building's doorman while he ran out to get a beer, left his post at Elaine's behest during which time the couch was stolen. Since Jerry was not actually employed by the building, he was under no obligation to continue covering the doorman's post and therefore could not legally be held liable for the theft.

Phaneron Premium member

Correction: And if he refused to do anything about the couch and the company tried to sue him or press charges, the courts may rule he had no legal obligations (although they would argue Jerry took a legal obligation to watch the lobby when he signed for the package). However, that's not what happened. Elaine says they're being held accountable for the couch and instead of reimbursing them the money or fighting it, they simply give away a pee-stained couch Jerry had already given to George and that George wanted to get rid of.


The Bizarro Jerry - S8-E3

Corrected entry: In the scene after "Man Hands" crushes Jerry's hand, Jerry is wearing a bandage around his hand. But in the next scene on the street, the bandage is gone.

Correction: The key phrase is "in the next scene". Plenty of time has passed since we saw Jerry, in his apartment, with the bandage on. He had ample time and opportunity to take it off such that it's not a continuity mistake. George had come from wherever he was to meet them. The scene starts with them on the street, and Jerry is wearing a jacket that he wasn't wearing in his apartment.


The Dealership - S9-E11

Corrected entry: The mechanic got the last two twix bars. Assuming George finally got change from the cashier, where did the twix bars come from for the candy lineup? And further, why wouldn't George just eat the twix since he wanted one so badly?


Correction: George presumably would have gotten the other Twix bars from a nearby store, off-screen. The reason why George didn't eat one of the Twix bars is simply all part of the joke - he was so determined and fixated on trying to catch out the mechanic that it simply did not occur to him that there were Twix bars there for him to eat. In fact, it is not until the plan had failed, where he then decides to have one if the Twix bars, only to find out there are none left.

Casual Person

The Burning - S9-E16

Corrected entry: When Puddy is sitting down and says "Feels like an Arby's night," he's leaning back with his arms outstretched across the couch. When the show cuts to Elaine, Puddy suddenly has his hands in his lap.


Correction: When the shot switches to Elaine, Pussy still has his hands outstretched on the couch just like the shot before. He slowly takes his arms off the couch and puts them on his lap. There is no mistake in this scene.

Show generally

Corrected entry: Throughout the whole show, George Costanza is showed as being left-handed (eg. at the beginning of the episode titled "The Shoes", Jerry and George are writing "The Butler" script, and George can clearly be seen writing with his left hand). However, the actor himself is not, and you can spot some episodes (mostly in the first seasons) but a few in the last seasons as well, with him using his right hand for writing or eating, while in most of the show he's using his left-hand for everything.

Correction: Jason Alexander is left-handed. There are many pictures of him signing autographs with his left hand. There are also YouTube videos confirming his left-handedness.

The Shoes - S4-E16

Corrected entry: When Jerry and Elaine are in the coffee shop, a coffee mug can be seen in front of Jerry. When Gail enters, the coffee mug disappears and reappears between shots.

Correction: The coffe cup is Elaine's and it doesn't disappear, you just can't see it from certain camera angles.

The Muffin Tops - S8-E21

Corrected entry: Kramer steps back out of the view of the camera as he opens his shirt, all in an attempt to show Jerry the mistake he's making by shaving his chest. Kramer laughably shouts "look at it!" repeatedly to Jerry, who recoils in disgust at the (supposed) sight of Kramer's thickly-haired chest. The problem is that Kramer's bare chest is shown in episodes before and after and there is nothing unusual about it. In fact, just two episodes later (in Season 9's "The Butter Shave"), there are multiple shots of Kramer's chest. Were we supposed to forget about this little occurrence in Jerry's apartment?

Correction: Kramer is actually showing Jerry his genitals, which is why he steps out of shot. He mentions that he shaved that area when he was a life guard.

Phaneron Premium member

The Package - S8-E5

Corrected entry: Jerry's stereo is still visible in the background after Kramer already mailed it.

Correction: Actually Jerry's stereo is on the small shelf just above the drawer, particularly evident in the photo of Jerry with the screwdriver. That shelf is empty in every shot after the scene where Kramer would have taken the stereo.

The Checks - S8-E7

Corrected entry: At the very end of the episode, George tries to save Mr. Wilhelm from the Sunshine Carpet Cleaners cult. As soon as their dialogue ends, the male Japanese TV executive says to the female executive, "With these two idiots, I don't know how the Yankees won the World Series." How in the world does this guy know that George and Wilhelm are/were employed by the Yankees? It's possible George may have mentioned it upon meeting with the executives (off screen). But it's more than reasonable to assume that such a discussion never took place between the executives and Wilhelm, especially considering Wilhelm did not even seem to know about his past experiences due to being brainwashed.

Correction: George mentions earlier in the episode that his work with the Yankees includes working with Japanese television stations who broadcast Major League Baseball. It's likely the Japanese man has met both George and Wilhelm through previous dealings.

The Note - S3-E1

Corrected entry: When George visits Jerry after his "man massage", he walks into Jerry's apartment without buzzing him. How could he have gotten past the building locks?


Correction: No mistake here. Maybe the lock was broken, or the door was propped open, or someone from the lobby let him in. There are countless plausible explanations as to how George got in the building.

Show generally

Corrected entry: Jason Alexander wore the same pair of blue Nike shoes for the whole series on every show (Jason gave this information in an interview, just after the series ended).

Correction: This can't be true because in the episode where they all go to India for Elaine's friend's wedding, George is wearing Timberland boots that make him a few inches taller.

The Soul Mate - S8-E2

Corrected entry: When Newman is helping Kramer talk to Pam in the library, you can see (through the bookshelf) that Newman is mouthing the same words at the exact same time as Kramer. You would expect Newman to mouth some words, pause and Kramer would then repeat them to Pam.


Correction: Newman is prompting Kramer. It makes sense that he would mouth along with the lines, as he wants to make sure Kramer is getting it right.

The Slicer - S9-E7

Corrected entry: George's boss Kruger claims that the mole on his back hasn't changed in the past ten years from the picture on his desk. However the mole wouldn't be visible in the picture as you cannot see Kruger's back in the picture. Kruger is facing chest forward in the picture.

Correction: Kruger never says the mole is on his back.

The Doll - S7-E17

Corrected entry: When Kramer picks up the Maestro's baton and starts to shoot, he calls "6 in the corner." He knocks in a solid black ball, obviously the 8.


Correction: This could be considered a character mistake.

The Outing - S4-E17

Corrected entry: George's mother says when she was reading about George being gay, she fell off the toilet, and the superintendent had to help her. Well, the Costanzas live in a private house, and thus have no superintendent.

Correction: There's no reason to assume the Costanzas own the house they live in. They could easily be renting it, in which case they WOULD have a superintendent, or similar maintence person/manager etc. that Estelle refers to as a superintendent.

The Summer of George - S8-E22

Corrected entry: When George tells Jerry that he wants to 'read a book, from beginning to end', Jerry remarks, "I've always wanted to do that." However, in 'Male Unbonding' from Season 1 Jerry told Joel that he had read the Lenny Bruce biography.

Correction: I wouldn't pass the idea he lied to Joel.

Lummie Premium member

The Yada Yada - S8-E19

Corrected entry: At the wedding at the end, Elaine is surprised to see Jerry with Beth. He tells her "Beth and Arnie broke up." We are told the wedding is a week later. Are we supposed to believe Jerry didn't talk to Elaine for an entire week to tell her the news?

Correction: Perhaps a little strange, but doesn't contradict anything in the episode. Unless there was something specific that showed they had met within that week, there is no mistake within not meeting.

Lummie Premium member

The English Patient - S8-E17

Corrected entry: Izzy Mandelbaum throws his back out in Florida, so why is he taken to a hospital in Manhattan?

Correction: Being his son and father both seemed to live in Manhattan, it might be easier to be treated in New York than in Florida. Regardless of where he is treated, there is nothing wrong with getting treatment somewhere else.

Lummie Premium member

The Pick - S4-E13

Corrected entry: When Kramer is modeling underwear for the Calvin Klein people, he leans and slides against a wall leaving a large spot of body makeup.


Correction: And how is that a mistake? Models wear makeup too, you know.

The Scofflaw - S6-E13

Corrected entry: When the cop is telling Kramer about his history with the scofflaw, he remarks, 'Mr. Kramer, that day was yesterday.' However he never actually refers to a specific day in the entire discussion. The line makes no sense.

Correction: The cop was telling a story about his "white whale" - a Dodge Diplomat he ticketed 16 years ago that had been avoiding paying its fines. He doesn't have to directly refer to a particular day, because Kramer understood he was talking about an earlier scene the previous day (when he inadvertently distracted him from identifying the car's driver).

JC Fernandez

The Soup - S6-E7

Corrected entry: In the last scene, Newman tells Jerry that the Soup Nazi is going out of business. When Jerry asks where Newman is going, Newman replies that the Soup Nazi is giving away what's left and Newman is running home to get a big pot. He then runs to the left of the screen. You then see Jerry silently decide to do the same thing, but he runs off to the right of the screen. Jerry and Newman live in the same building; they wouldn't run in different directions to go to the same place.

Correction: True, but we can't be sure that Jerry runs home. It is possible he did not have any pots/containers big enough, and ran to borrow one from a friend, or maybe even buy a new one. Or he ran to the Soup Nazi straight away, hoping to beat the rush.


The Fatigues - S8-E6

Corrected entry: At the Jewish singles meeting there is a crucifix hanging on the wall.


Correction: The Jewish singles party was ironically being held at The Knights of Columbus which is a Catholic fraternity.

The Invitations - S7-E24

Corrected entry: This mistake is in the episode where George and Susan pick out invitations for their wedding. Elaine comes into Jerry's apartment and says (to George) the wedding is only a month away. Earlier in the day George and Susan pick out their wedding invitations. Who sends out wedding invitations only a month before the wedding?

Correction: Apparently, they do.

William Bergquist

The Frogger - S9-E18

Corrected entry: The Frogger Machine would have had to be, at some point, completely unpowered while switching it from the outlet to the battery.

Correction: No it wouldn't. As long as you connect some form of power to the machine's electrical source it could run on a battery. Think of appliances like iPods, alarm clocks, and hand-held video games. They can run on electricity directly but unplug them from an electrical point and they just switch to battery power if available.

Lummie Premium member

Male Unbonding - S1-E3

Corrected entry: After Jerry talks to Joel for the first time on the phone, George asks "who is this guy?" I'm sure that if George and Jerry had grown up together and have been close friends for so long, he would have, at some point in time, heard about him, or even met him. Especially if he keeps calling Jerry and trying to create a friendship.

Correction: Jerry is a stand-up comedian, and has met lots of people on the road at various comedy clubs, many of whom would have had no reason to have ever met George, so this mistake is not valid, as it is a guess, not fact.


The Contest - S4-E11

Corrected entry: When George tells the story of how his mother caught him, he says his parents were supposed to be at work. But in the hospital, his mother says she's thankful George's father was in Chicago.

Correction: It is entirely possible that George simply didn't know he was in Chicago.

The Pilot (2) - S4-E24

Corrected entry: Russell doesn't know that Elaine knows Jerry and George. This is apparent when Russell tells her about a pilot with a "new young talent, Jerry Seinfeld." So why doesn't he figure it out when there is a character named Elaine Benes in Jerry's show?

Correction: I don't remember Russell ever saying he didn't know that Elaine knew Jerry and George. Furthermore what would be the problem if he did? Elaine dated Russell, but she never conned him and it wouldn't have likely changed anything about the situation. As for the character in the show, I don't think they actually referred to the characters by their full name. I believe Elaine's character was just referred to as Elaine.

Lummie Premium member

The Pie - S5-E15

Corrected entry: In the episode where George is hoping to buy a "discounted suit" there is a scene where he is talking to the foreign shop assistant. In the first shot he has the suit in his hands. The scene switches to the assistant, then back to George and on the second shot the suit is no longer in his hands.

Correction: The shop assistant took it out of his hands.

James Storck

The Keys - S3-E23

Corrected entry: Although it moves the plot along, it makes no sense for George to exchange spare keys with Kramer when he was told that Kramer is going to move to California because Kramer will not be around to give George his spare keys when George needs them.

Correction: Most of the things that George and Kramer do make no sense. Why should this time be any different?

Zwn Annwn

The Millennium - S8-E20

Corrected entry: At the end of the episode, when Jerry one-ups Newman with the fact that the Newmannium party is being held incorrectly on New Year's 1999-2000 instead of correctly on New Year's 2000-2001, Jerry says, " Oh, that's interesting, because as everyone knows, since there was no year zero, the millennium doesn't begin until the year two-thousand and one. Which would make your party, one year late, and thus, quite lame."The party is in fact one year early rather than one year late.

Correction: Newman booked the party to bring in the 2001 new year not the 2000 new year. He booked the restaurant for the millenium not thinking that 2001 was officially marked as the new millenium. However most people celebrated the new millenium as 2000. Even if Jerry's comments are wrong its simply a character mistake. Many had the same belief that 2001 was the actual millenium.

Lummie Premium member

The Dealership - S9-E11

Corrected entry: George asks Jerry for change because he doesn't have any singles and wants a Twix bar from the candy machine. The candy bar sticks, the mechanic gets it, and George still has no singles and no candy. How then did he manage to get 10 Twix bars for his "Candy Line up" that he wants to show the manager?

Correction: He got change from the dealership cashier when she got back from lunch.

The Airport - S4-E12

Corrected entry: When Kramer tells George that Jerry and Elaine's flight has been rerouted again, they both leave and George still has the Time magazine with him. Did he steal it?

Correction: Probably. It wouldn't be out of character for George to steal the magazine.

The Stranded - S3-E10

Corrected entry: Elaine says that she's a vegetarian while confronting a woman about her fur coat. In a previous episode, she says she wants to go to Skyburger and in a later episode, she eats a piece of meat Kramer gives her.

Correction: So Elaine lied about being a vegetarian. It wouldn't be the only time she lied about something.

The Parking Garage - S3-E6

Corrected entry: On the Seinfeld season 3 DVD, there is a feature called notes about nothing where along the bottom of the screen it tells you little notes about what is going on. Well in this episode it said they used mirrors to make their "parking garage" look bigger because a real one would be too expensive. When Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer enter the parking garage, you can see their reflections in a mirror in the top left area of the screen.

Correction: Yes, but there are mirrors in the top corners of parking garages that are there to help you see around the corners. The note is talking about whole walls of mirrors so that reflections of whole parts of the garage were repeated.


The Dog - S3-E4

Corrected entry: In the episode when Jerry looks after Farfel the dog, George and Elaine are at the coffee shop, when they start making fun of Jerry. George asks Elaine if she's ever seen Jerry throw up, and she starts acting like she has seen him throw up. But she could not possibly have seen Jerry throw up because the last he did was June 29th 1980, years before Elaine and Jerry ever met.

Correction: It was mentioned in a later episode that Jerry threw up ten years later on June 29.

The Stakeout - S1-E1

Corrected entry: When, in the pilot episode, Jerry and Elaine are in the video shop, two women leave the shop. When they leave, you can see one of the women step down. That means, they are stepping off the set.

Correction: It is possible that there was a step leading to the door of the video store.

The Comeback - S8-E13

Corrected entry: George traveled to Tennessee to deliver the comeback to Reilly. However,when he is driving away smarting from his second humiliation and a second comeback leaps to mind, while he is turning the car around, you can see by the road signs that he is not in Tennessee but actually in the New York area.

Correction: That's the point: George has flown back to New York, but has thought of yet another comeback. The joke is that he might be flying back AGAIN. Also, it's not Tennessee, it's Akron, Ohio.


The Dinner Party - S5-E13

Corrected entry: When George and Kramer go to the newsstand to get change for the $100 bill, the newsstand has multiple copies of Entertainment Weekly on the news racks. This wouldn't be a mistake if it had the same person(s) on the cover but each copy has a different person(s) on the cover. The show probably just grabbed whatever magazines they could find to take up space on the news rack.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: Not necessarily, sometimes magazines like that have multiple covers (sort of collectible covers); TV Guide often does that with multiple stars of a featured program.


The Hot Tub - S7-E5

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the race when they spot Jean-Paul in the lead, if you look over to the right of the road you can see a vehicle with a man filming the scene with a camera.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: This isn't so unusual; a race like that would attract at least the local news, who would want to film the winner.


The Bubble Boy - S4-E7

Corrected entry: The directions that Kramer finds to the cabin were actually the directions to the bubble boy's house, but he still ends up at the cabin.

Correction: Susan actually takes the directions to the bubble boy's house with her when she leaves Jerry's apartment. We can presume Jerry previously got the directions to the cabin, and left them on his counter.

The Muffin Tops - S8-E21

Corrected entry: Elaine tells Mr. Lipman about her muffin tops idea, then the next day he has opened a store to sell them. How in the world did he set up a store in just a day?

Correction: He bought out or became a partner in a pre-existing muffin store.


The Airport - S4-E12

Corrected entry: When Jerry and Elaine are trying to get on the plane, they are told that the plane is full except for two seats, one in first class and one in coach. However, Elaine is later able to find an empty seat in first class, but there were only two openings, when they boarded.

Correction: People will often enough buy a ticket in advance, then not show up. The Computer will still register the seat as sold, and whoever it is might not have called ahead to tell them he couldn't make it.

The Dog - S3-E4

Corrected entry: When the trio first attempts to go to the movie, Jerry is wearing a blue shirt and green pants, but a few days later when the man comes to pick up his dog, Jerry is wearing the same outfit.


Correction: If it has been a few days, it shouldn't strike anyone as unusual that he could be wearing the same outfit. It certainly could be that no items were changed during shooting, but it is believable as a real life situation.

Zwn Annwn

The Pilot (2) - S4-E24

Corrected entry: Kramer walks into Jerry's apartment to get a Pepsi and tells Jerry that he would get Jerry's watch back (the one that Jerry threw away). Jerry then goes to Kramer's apartment door. When Kramer leaves Jerry's apartment, he has the Pepsi in his right hand. When Jerry tells Kramer that he had thrown away the watch, the Pepsi can is gone.

Correction: There was a promotion being run, for which you had to spot the Pepsi can in particular episodes and send in a postcard pointing out when you saw the Pepsi can.

The Face Painter - S6-E23

Corrected entry: Puddy says he was raised in New Jersey, and has been a Devils fan "since I was a kid." The Devils didn't move to New Jersey from Colorado until 1982, when Puddy would have already been a young adult.

Correction: That doesn't mean he wasn't a fan while they were in Colorado. I know lots of kids who like other cities' teams; it doesn't matter where you grow up.


The Label Maker - S6-E12

Corrected entry: In the episode where Jerry is going to the Superbowl, when he's going to sit down he says his seat is seat 4 and counts over to find his seat (and also to find Newman there). But the only empty seat in the row he's going down is the third seat. If his seat were the fourth, then Newman would have been sitting in his seat, so they both should be over one seat.

Correction: Not really a mistake. The tickets were a pair (seats 3 and 4), and Newman could have just been sitting in Jerry's seat, unsure who was taking the other ticket.


The Wife - S5-E17

Corrected entry: When Kramer is asked about urinating in the shower, he replies "I take baths." But in the episode with the low-flow shower heads, Kramer is disgusted by taking a bath, saying he was "lying in a tepid pool of my own filth."

Correction: As Kramer is so different and constantly doing weird things, it is not too hard to believe that in one episode he takes baths and another one he is reviled by them and has changed to showers. That is the nature of his character, to be indecisive and strange.

Show generally

Corrected entry: I've always wondered how Kramer is able to live in a New York City/Manhattan apartment. The guy has no job, no prospects of getting a job, doesn't seem to have money in the bank (or at least enough of it to cover the costs of living in his apt) and yet can afford to live there. To the best of my knowledge it is never explained how he's able to afford it. [This is supposed to be one of the eternal mysteries of Kramer. In fact, Jerry and Elaine discuss how great it must be to be Kramer in one episode ("He meets all these beautiful women, he falls a**backwards into money...").]

Correction: As Jerry, George and Elaine point out numerous times, Kramer always seems to "fall ass-backwards into money" (think: frivolous law-suits, crazy inventions, gambling, and don't forget his "Coffee Table Book" deal). Slightly unrealistic, sure; but explained throughout the show.

Show generally

Corrected entry: All of the cereal boxes on Jerry's shelf are alphabetized.

Correction: I know it gives this trivia on TBS Superstation, but if you'll look closely, it is not true. Often, Waffle Crisp is the first cereal in the row.

The Little Jerry - S8-E11

Corrected entry: Throughout the entire series, whenever Jerry calls out the window to Kramer, he calls UPWARD. Odd, since Kramer lives next door. This is especially obvious in this episode, when Jerry even says, "Kramer, I'm coming up. We got a cockfight to win."

Correction: While Kramer does live next door, Jerry calls up and out the window because Kramer is training Little Jerry on the roof.

Dandude776 1

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Elaine: The thing about George is, he's an idiot.



The tenant board member tells George that Mr. Eldrige in apartment 8C has decided he wants the new apartment. However, the new apartment in question has a 3-digit number - 808 I believe. This indicates that the building would not have single digit numbers and letters (Such as 5E, 8C, etc.) as part of its numbering system.



The voice of George Steinbrenner on the show is co-creator Larry David.