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Out Of Time - S6-E6

Corrected entry: It has already been proven that the Teleporter picked up from the Simulant ship in Rimmerworld has the ability to transport both time-and-space: Kryten accidentally sends himself, the Cat and Lister back in time a week (and then later, forward several weeks) while at the same time transporting them back to the 'bug. If that were so, why would they be interested in a Time Drive?

Correction: The teleporter works randomly and is hard to control, and the Time Drive can be programmed precisely.

Out Of Time - S6-E6

Corrected entry: When it is believed that Lister is a droid, why does Kryten be so rude to him, considering that this is the same person who helped him override the program preventing him from lying to humans? Also, wouldn't he have realised that Lister came out of Stasis with a long beard and nails? These wouldn't grow on droids.

Andy Benham Premium member

Correction: Kryten is rude to Lister because he feels betrayed - he believes that the individual who taught him about being human is a droid, and a less sophisticated one that he is. Kryten also states that the 3000 series mechanoids, which he believes Lister is, was disliked because it was too realistic - authentic hair and nail growth is presumably part of the realism that he's referring to.

Tailkinker Premium member

Out Of Time - S6-E6

Corrected entry: In 'Out Of Time', the crew pick up a time machine, but it couldn't transport them anywhere. But in 'Tikka to ride', the time machine was able to take them to Dallas.

Correction: At the beginning of the UK version of Tikka to Ride, Lister explains that anomalies have been taken from each reality to cope with the paradox of their future selves destroying them. In Out of Time, we learn that the future selves of the crew were able to travel through space as well as through time - obviously something they had acquired during their 15 years experience with the time drive.

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