Red Dwarf

The Inquisitor - S5-E2

Corrected entry: Holly reads Lister's palm print dispite Lister still wearing his gloves. (00:14:45)


Correction: Holly is a computer with all kinds of fictional technology. There are any number of explanations for this. Even something as mundane as Lister's handprint simply being on file since he was a crewmember.

Phixius Premium member

The Inquisitor - S5-E2

Corrected entry: If the timeline has been restored at the end of the episode, Lister shouldn't be able to hold up the detached hand - it shouldn't EXIST anymore.

Correction: We've seen from previous episodes that when the timeline is altered, there's a brief "sorting out" period while causality adjusts. The other Lister's hand hadn't disappeared just yet, but would soon.

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

The Inquisitor - S5-E2

Corrected entry: If the Inquisitor has generated a replacement Lister and Kryten, why does Holly not recognize the original Lister and Kryten's authorizations? They should have had the same authorization - certainly Kryten, who is registered as "Additional 001", indicating he is the one and only CPU that has been added to Red Dwarf's compliment during it's voyage; the replacement Kryten would likewise be "Additional 001".

Correction: Holly may also be programmed to recognise voices. The replacements would sound different to the original Lister and Kryten.

Andy Benham Premium member

The Inquisitor - S5-E2

Corrected entry: The Inquisitor is supposed to judge everyone and give them a chance to justify their existence, but in the beginning of the episode, Thomas Alburn wasn't given a trial at all, he was just deleted.


Correction: Simple. Alburn's trial merely occured off-screen.

The Inquisitor - S5-E2

Corrected entry: When Kryten is lying to Lister and saying that his deletion is not Lister's fault, his right foot (and eventually his whole body) is jiggling: Lister says that this is how he knows Kryten is lying. However, Kryten has told lies many times since Lister taught him to, and this foot-jiggling has never been seen before or since.

Correction: Kryten, although now able to override the program preventing him from lying to humans, may still find it a little uncomfortable lying to his best friend (i.e. Lister).

Andy Benham Premium member

The Inquisitor - S5-E2

Corrected entry: When trying to convince Rimmer that he knows him, Lister says that Rimmer once manned the 'Samaritans' helpline - and that four people had committed suicide in one afternoon after phoning Rimmer. But in the episode 'The Last Day' the incident is also mentioned - but then it was five people (not four) and it was in the morning (not afternoon).

Correction: Different incidents, obviously. Since when has failure discouraged Rimmer? How many times has be sat the navigator's exam?

The Inquisitor - S5-E2

Corrected entry: Kryten says Lister is reading Virgil's 'Aeneid' and then Lister goes on about the Wooden Horse of Troy, but Virgil's poem (comic book version or not) is set after the actual Trojan War and does not contain the legend of the wooden horse.

Correction: One of the books of The Aeneid is called 'The Fall of Troy' and tells how Aeneas rescued his family during the fall of Troy, so it's definitely in there.

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Lister: Get real, man. Most eunuchs have got more balls than you.



Kryten tells everyone that the matter paddle transmits matter in digital form from one place to another at the speed of light - he is very clear on this point. He then locates Waxworld, which is 200,000 light years away. Okay - so when they use the matter paddle to transmit themselves to Waxworld, why doesn't it take them 200,000 years to get there?



The actor who plays the original Kryten, in 'Kryten', also turns up later as the voice of Talkie Toaster.