Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf (1988)

3 corrected entries in Queeg

Queeg - S2-E5

Corrected entry: When the meteor hits the ship, everyone is thrown about except for the skutter, who does not move at all.



Correction: Skutters perform operations outside the ship as well. They probably have magnetized wheels or some sort of stabilizers to keep them from being knocked into space.

Captain Defenestrator

Queeg - S2-E5

Corrected entry: At the end of the chess game where Queeg checkmates Holly, you can see the view-monitor of the game, with almost all of the pieces still on it.

Correction: That's the whole point. It's 'fool's mate', checkmate in three moves, with only a few pieces moved. Clever plotting, not a mistake.

Queeg - S2-E5

Corrected entry: When Queeg is telling Rimmer to work on the computer, how can Rimmer do this if he's a hologram and therefore can't touch anything?

Correction: As Red Dwarf is designed to support a holographic crewmember, obviously all its systems would be set up in such a way that a hologram would still be able to use them - not much point otherwise.