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Why We Fight - S1-E9

Corrected entry: While the baker is shouting in German, Private Webster tried to shut him up in English. Webster can speak German (as seen in Part 8 - The Last Patrol showing Private Liebgott saying he and Webster both speak German). (00:46:00)


Correction: Webster is also extremely pissed at the German people because he thinks they knew about the concentration camps and did nothing about them. He is unwilling to speak German at that moment because of this.

Grumpy Scot

Why We Fight - S1-E9

Corrected entry: John A. Janovec, an American soldier is shown in this and the last episode. As shown in the titles, this episode takes place from March 11 to sometime in late April. Yet, John A. Janovec died on February 26, 1945.


Correction: Online sources claim two different death dates for Janovec, some the February date that you cite, others the May date as depicted in the show. As the book and TV series are specifically based on the recollections of those who were present at the time, as recounted in many interviews, both with the original author and subsequently the film crews, it seems reasonable to suggest that the May date is likely to be the more accurate one, particularly as Janovec's death, so late in the war and after the end of hostilities, would be likely to stick in the mind.

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I've read the extremely well detailed and informative book by Ambrose about Easy Company and there's no mention of an early 1945 death of Janovec at all so the latter date is more likely. The original men who gave accounts never mentioned his death and the place where he was eventually killed fits in with the units timeline history.

Why We Fight - S1-E9

Corrected entry: During the ninth episode, two German boys are standing on a bridge watching a column of German prisoners of war. One of the boys says he can see an aircraft that was shot down and the other boy replies "Cool." Back in 1945 this term was unknown in Germany, even to kids.

Correction: The kids may very well have picked up this term from American GI's. Please bear in mind that at that moment there are thousands of American soldiers in Germany.

Why We Fight - S1-E9

Corrected entry: In the deathcamp near Landsberg, Liebgott translates what one of the prisoners tell him and some officers about the camp. At one point the prisoner starts to explain that the guards killed as many prisoners as they could and says in German "Sie hatten nicht genug..." . That's "They didn't have enough..." in English. Then Liebgott says "They didn't have enough ammo to kill all the prisoners." How could he know what the prisoner was about to say since he never finished the sentence? (00:34:05)

Correction: Since there are still prisoners alive and Liebgott is a fairly intelligent soldier, that was all the prisoner had to say. As in the job of any translator, Liebgott logically put it together.

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