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Band of Brothers (2001)

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Bastogne - S1-E6

Corrected entry: Bastogne is a Belgian town, but on every flag pole they are flying the French flag.

Correction: The flags that are used are not French flags, they are the Belgian flags (black-yellow-red).

Bastogne - S1-E6

Corrected entry: This episode was created on a set, so, in the scene where Buck, Babe, and Guarnere are looking across the open field at the other side at the trees and hear the Germans start singing "Stille Naucht", you can see that the trees are just painted on the wall of the set.

Correction: This scene you are referring to is computer generated imagery, it most certainly is not painted on.

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In this episode we see Blithe get shot in the neck and are told that he died in 1948. In reality he was shot in the shoulder and survived. He later served in Korea and was promoted to master sergeant as well as receiving the paratrooper of the year award. Blithe died in 1967 while on active duty in Germany.



In the scene where the Red Devils toast the 101st Airborne, when the camera shows the assembled soldiers you'll see Tom Hanks as one of the Red Devils in a beret at the back left (5 or 6 men in) with his right hand on his hip. His head moves forwards to become obscured behind another soldier.