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Currahee - S1-E1

Corrected entry: When the newly promoted Captain Sobel has to promote Lt. Winters, he goes to pin on Winters' new rank bar/badge to his collar whilst having a conversation about making him mess officer for 14 days, etc. After about 20 seconds of fumbling around with Winters' shirt collar, you can see that the bar/badge of his new rank is unchanged. After all the fumbling around it appears Sobel has given him the same bar/badge he was wearing originally. (00:20:55)


Correction: They were different. 2nd Lt and 1st Lt has the same shape badges, single rectangular bar. The difference is just color. 2nd Lt has golden color and the 1st Lt has silver/chrome color. The color changed before and after, although very hard to see.

Currahee - S1-E1

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sobel is looking through the men's personal items to find infractions, he reads through Tipper's mail. When he opens the letter he is going to read, there are two creases in it. The camera then cuts to Winters and he asks Sobel a question. When it cuts back to Sobel, the letter has only one crease.

Correction: The letter he pulls out is folded in half. He unfolds the letter, crease pointing up, sniffs it, then refolds the letter. At no time is there more than one crease.

Shannon Jackson

Currahee - S1-E1

Corrected entry: At the very start of this episode we see the soldiers watching the film and Winters leaving, walking past the projector just as the actors in the film are talking about "serving the cause". In the same scene from the opposite angle, toward the end of this episode, we see Bill Guarnere reading a letter just as the actors are talk about the same thing, however Winters is missing from this shot.


Correction: Winters is not missing from the scene, as Guarnere is reading the letter you can see the light from the film projector become interrupted, that is Winters getting up and walking out of the tent.

Currahee - S1-E1

Corrected entry: In the opening chapter 'Currahee', Private Martin enters the barracks with a t-shirt reading 'Camp Toccoa, GA'. The postal abbreviation for Georgia in 1942 was Geo. (00:11:40)

Correction: The shirt was copied from an actual WWII shirt and using GA is correct because it matches the original in the museum.

Currahee - S1-E1

Corrected entry: In part one when Harry Welsh is teaching in the classroom: On the wall you see 2 MG-42s , 1 MP-40 and 1 STG44. Now this is 1943, the STG44 came out in late 1944. What is it doing in 1943? (00:36:52)

Correction: The MP-43 was identical to the STG44 in all but name, and was introduced in 1943 (as the name suggests).

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2nd Lt. Thomas Peacock: Holy shit.
SSgt. Floyd 'Tab' Talbert: It's a whole other company.
Sgt. Martin: No shit.



In this episode we see Blithe get shot in the neck and are told that he died in 1948. In reality he was shot in the shoulder and survived. He later served in Korea and was promoted to master sergeant as well as receiving the paratrooper of the year award. Blithe died in 1967 while on active duty in Germany.



In the scene where the Red Devils toast the 101st Airborne, when the camera shows the assembled soldiers you'll see Tom Hanks as one of the Red Devils in a beret at the back left (5 or 6 men in) with his right hand on his hip. His head moves forwards to become obscured behind another soldier.