Star Trek: The Next Generation

Genesis - S7-E19

Corrected entry: All the humans on board evolve backwards to the primate stage of evolution. Lt. Barclay, however, appears as a half spider-half human hybrid when we see him in engineering. There are several things wrong with this: 1. Arachnids are not part of the human evolutionary chain. 2. All the other humans on board never de-evolve past primate stage, there is no reason why Barclay should have a speedier de-evolution into an even earlier stage. 3. Even if it were possible that Barclay could have arachnids in his ancestry, why is only half of his body arachnid and the rest human? Shouldn't his entire body be a part of the process, since it is his genes that are operating in reverse? NOTE: Barclay is listed as wholly human both on official websites and in the "Star Trek Encyclopedia", so these can not be explained by him being an alien resembling a human.


Correction: 1. If all life on Earth originated from the same pool of primordial ooze (see "All Good Things..."), then all life on Earth has shared ancestry. 2. Barclay was Patient Zero, so his de-evolution might be more advanced than the rest of the crew. 3. Barclay had Uridian flu (which is why he was injected with the synthetic T-cell that started the whole thing in the first place) which might also have affected how the mutations affected him.

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Genesis - S7-E19

Corrected entry: Dr. Crusher gets a load of Klingon venom in the face. Picard gets a drop of the same venom on the hand, and his hand looks terrible. But Crusher is all right at the end of the episode, and her face is looking better than ever.

Correction: While discussing what the venom did to doctor Crusher, they explicitly mention a need for reconstructive surgery. Considering that they can change Worf's forehead entirely in a matter of hours (see "Homeward") it would appear that reconstructive surgery can be done very easily and quickly in the 24th century, and, since it probably took quite a while for the entire crew to revert to their human selves, they apparently had time to fix her up. It would be important to get their CMO in good condition to help rehabilitate the rest of the crew.

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