Star Trek: The Next Generation

Code of Honor - S1-E4

Corrected entry: As Picard walks up to Lutan and Hagon talking, Hagon's words don't match the movements of his lips.

Correction: Starfleet officers use universal translators to communicate with unfamiliar alien species. Since Lutan and Hagon are aliens (they look human, but in reality they are from Ligon II and Picard only mentions they are "similar" to an older Earth culture) they would most likely speak English only when talking with Starfleet officers, like Picard, and revert to their native language when talking amongst themselves (especially on their own world, where the scene was taking place). It's possible, then, the two were talking in their own language, which would be translated into English automatically while Picard was overhearing them, similar to a badly dubbed foreign film.

Code of Honor - S1-E4

Corrected entry: Near the end of the episode Picard directs Lutan and Hagon into the observation lounge - when they leave the bridge the two of them go first, but a split second later when they cut to a shot of the lounge, Picard arrives first and they come in after him - how did Picard get in front of them?

Correction: In the blueprints that come with the Star Trek Collectors Edition Magazine, there's a short corridor between the Bridge and the Lounge, which also leads to what appears to be a bathroom.

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