Sex and the City

Splat! - S6-E18

Trivia: When Carrie is typing on her computer, she changes the question mark to a period. The moment she does this, there is no more computer typing shown in the entire series, until the very last moment in the final montage. This was done to signify that Carrie had stopped questioning her life.


Splat! - S6-E18

Trivia: Aleksander's kitchen set was beautifully designed, but they forgot to include any ovens or a refrigerator. They didn't realize this until they were filming this scene. So they had to use a 'lit-up shelf' as a pretend oven, for Aleksander's character to use convincingly.


Splat! - S6-E18

Trivia: After Lexi falls out of the window, there is an outdoor snow montage. This was the only time in the entire series, where they just filmed the city without one of the girls in it. All of these montage scenes were from the show itself, they didn't use stock footage. They filmed during an actual snow storm in New York City.


Splat! - S6-E18

Trivia: When Carrie meets Eunice for lunch, they are actually being filmed at Milo's, which is a Greek-themed seafood restaurant in New York City.


Splat! - S6-E18

Trivia: During these scenes outside of the funeral, all of the snow visible onscreen was placed there by the show. This was filmed before the actual snowstorm.


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