Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Normal Again - S6-E17

Corrected entry: In 'Normal Again', when the demon in the basement throws Dawn into the corner watch in freeze frame. You can see as she looks up that it's not Michelle Trachtenberg but a much older stunt double with darker skin and different make up.


Correction: If you have to use freeze frame it isn't a mistake.

Normal Again - S6-E17

Corrected entry: In 'Normal Again', season 6, we learn that Buffy was in a mental clinic after telling her parents about vampires. In 'Becoming', season 2, when Joyce found out the truth about Sunnydale why didn't she mention this? It had only happened a year or two before, and a simple 'Oh god, Buffy, you were right' or 'Sorry for sending you to the funny farm, sweetie' would have been the obvious thing for her to say.


Correction: The truth about Sunnydale was something of a shock for Joyce - it would have taken her a while to absorb it properly. Most likely she did eventually apologise to Buffy about the clinic, once Buffy'd come back in season 3, anyway, but it presumably happened off-camera.

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Halloween - S2-E6

Continuity mistake: Willow is turned into a ghost. Throughout the entire episode, she can't touch anything (can't turn the pages of a book, etc.), yet towards the end when she and Giles go to Ethan's shop, and she leaves, you can hear that she opened and closed the door, even though she can walk through walls and can't actually touch the door. The curtain moves when she leaves too. (00:34:05)

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Bargaining (1) - S6-E1

[After saving Giles from a vampire.]
Spike: Awww, poor Watcher. Did your life flash before your eyes? Cup of tea, cup of tea, almost-got-shagged, cup of tea?

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The Freshman - S4-E1

Trivia: At the Bronze, Buffy sees someone whom she thinks is Angel. Until his face becomes visible, revealing it's someone else, the man she sees is played by David Boreanaz.

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The Yoko Factor (1) - S4-E20

Question: At the last moment before leaving for good, Angel pauses to tell Buffy "I don't like him" [Riley], to which she replies with a large smile "Thank you." Why does she take this comment surprisingly well? From an ex boyfriend to her new boyfriend? It's not like it sounds like a friendly warning of any sort, nor a joke given the tense situation between the two guys in the episode. And the smile on Buffy's face does not make her response look ironic either, more like loving/caring. Is that a cross over reference to another dialogue in the Angel series?


Chosen answer: Angel is saying that he is still jealous and Buffy recognizes that this is his way of saying he wishes that they could be together. That is why they both smile.

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