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The One With The Cake - S10-E4

Corrected entry: When Monica Geller tries to get a rematch on the race, Chandler Bing says they left -- but no door sound was heard.

kane raggett

Correction: Just because you don't hear a door close doesn't mean it didn't. They were playing a game and cheering and carrying on so it is perfectly conceivable that people could leave without being noticed.


Plus they probably shut the door very quietly so no one would notice them leaving.

The One With The Cake - S10-E4

Corrected entry: When Joey tries to get Ross' parents to share their birthday gift for Emma with him, Ross' father says: "Which one are you?" As well as having met him many times before, the only other options of who he could be is Ross, his own son or Chandler, his daughter's husband.

Correction: Certainly not a movie mistake to have a character forget who someone is. Some people are not good with names and faces.


The One With The Cake - S10-E4

Corrected entry: What has happened to Ross' tan? An average spray on tan lasts about a fortnight and, if he could wash it off, why didn't he just get rid of it immediately after the first time he is sprayed?

Correction: They don't say how much time passed between episodes. Just because the episode aired a week apart doesn't mean the events happen a week apart.

The One With The Cake - S10-E4

Corrected entry: In the one with the cake, Chandler says that he has to go to the bathroom and Phoebe and Joey run in after him because they say he's trying to escape out the window, but The One with the Fertility Test we see a glimpse of the left wall (the only one we rarely see so may have a window) many times, from the kitchen perspective. There is no window, just things hanging on the wall, possibly a towel on a hook.


Correction: In other episodes, when the shower curtain is opened, you can see the window is on the back wall on the far side of the tub (which is not uncommon).

The One With The Cake - S10-E4

Corrected entry: Emma was born in May, the season finale, and they celebrated her birthday in October.

Correction: I think it has already been established that what happens on the show doesn't necessarily occur in the same month when it airs. For instance, the episode when Rachel gave birth aired in May but the same day is portrayed in the next season premier in September.

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