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The One with Two Parts: Part 2 - S1-E17

Corrected entry: When George Clooney answers the phone (while Monica and Rachel are pretending to be each other), he starts handing the phone to Rachel, saying "Rachel, it's your dad", but should be passing it to Monica (as he thinks her name's Rachel). The angle then changes, and now he's handing it to Monica.

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Correction: In the first shot it is not clear that Noah Wyle's head is in the way. If George Clooney passed the phone straight to Monica then he would hit him. In the next shot it is clear that he passes the phone while avoiding him which is why he appears initially to be passing it to Rachel.


The One with Two Parts: Part 2 - S1-E17

Corrected entry: When Monica is filling out Rachel's medical information, she has to change the name on the form so Rachel can use her insurance. You can see that she has a pencil in her hand. However, she goes up to the desk to get a new form. It makes no sense that she would arouse suspicion when all she had to do was erase Rachel's name and put hers.

Correction: Insurance forms often have multiple carbon copies. Even a pencil will leave a carbon impression on the other pages from the pressure of the tip. If there were no carbons used, the pencil point still leaves an impression on the top copy, even when erased. Monica is also perfectionist, she did not want there to be any revealing inconsistencies on the form.

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The One With Rachel's Date - S8-E5

Revealing mistake: In the scene in the coffee house, Phoebe is talking to Monica who is drinking a cup of coffee. Towards the end of the scene, the camera is on Phoebe who is smiling & laughing at Monica. In the right hand corner is a side view of 'Monica' however, it is not Courtney Cox in the scene, but a completely different actress. [Widescreen version only, although the "wrong" nose is visible in the original]. (00:06:20)

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The One With Ross's Teeth - S6-E8

Monica: What happened to your teeth?
Ross: I whitened them.
Chandler: Really?
Ross: Yeah, what... What do you think?
Monica: Well, uh, I think I shouldn't look directly at them.
Ross: Come on, seriously.
Monica: Ross, they're really, really, really white!
Chandler: Yeah, what was wrong with your old... Human teeth?
Ross: Well, I did leave the gel on a little longer than it said to.
Monica: How much longer?
Ross: Uh, uh... A day.
Monica: Ross, you know that tonight is your date with Hillary?
Ross: I know! That's why I did it! Come on, are they really that bad?
Chandler: No. No, no, no, you'll be fine. Hilary's blind, right?
Monica: She will be after tonight.

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Trivia: The Magna-doodle on the door in the boys apartment has a different picture on it every episode. There is usually some tenuous connection between the picture and the plot of the episode.

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The One With The Jellyfish - S4-E1

Question: When Ross and Rachel are fighting, Chandler hides behind the door and bursts out saying "I knew it." When Rachel says, "It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy and it is a big deal.", is this just a Chandler moment or is there another joke I have missed?

Answer: The statements that she's contradicting (that it is common, it happens to every guy, and it's not a big deal), are the things that a woman commonly says to a man who is suffering from erectile difficulty, typically to assuage his bruised ego. However, most men do not believe that these statements are true, as evidenced by Chandler's outburst. He's so caught up in the proof that women are lying about it that he gives himself away.

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