Friends (1994)

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The One with Mrs. Bing - S1-E11

Corrected entry: Phoebe and Monica are in the hospital room speculating about the coma guy's name, yet he is wearing a hospital bracelet with his identifying information which is easily seen on his wrist, lying above the covers.


Correction: Phoebe says they're calling the man John Doe, so that is the name that must be on the bracelet and it is not his real name.

Correction: She was wondering what his real name was.


The One with Mrs. Bing - S1-E11

Corrected entry: Listen carefully when Ross and Mrs. Bing are kissing and Joey comes by - you will hear a woman in the audience saying : "Ooops ." (00:09:00)

Correction: Friends has never made it a secret they have live audiences. As such, someone in the crowd reacting to what is happening is not a mistake.


The One with Mrs. Bing - S1-E11

Corrected entry: In this episode when Joey is talking about his mother he mentions that she gave birth to 7 children. But Joey has 7 sisters which means that including him she gave birth to 8.

Correction: Joey probably forgot to count himself , remember, he's not that bright.

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