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The Last One (2) - S10-E20

Corrected entry: The color of the keys laid down at the end of the episode by each friend corresponds to the colored dots between the letters in the Friends title (red, yellow, and blue).


Correction: The keys are in fact (in no particular order) : purple, blue, black, red, bronze, and bronze.

The Last One (2) - S10-E20

Corrected entry: In the airport Ross says "I really thought she'd stay". After he says this when the camera zooms out the cut between the carpet and the set floor is very visible. (00:19:50)

Correction: This is not a mistake; terminals are set up this way, carpeted at the gate and tiled in the walkways.

The Last One (2) - S10-E20

Corrected entry: The whole plot line of Rachel getting off the plane is most definitely impossible in post-9/11 America. Regulations consider any passengers that get off the plane after they've boarded to be security risks. When Phoebe gets Rachel talking about something wrong with the plane, causing panic, all those panicked passengers would have been stopped, and Rachel likely would have been questioned for the suspicious nature of that phone conversation. Likewise, when Rachel goes running off the plane, she at best would have been forcibly stopped and questioned, and at worst would have been shot, like the mentally ill guy in Miami in early 2006.

Correction: It isn't just Rachel, almost all of the passengers begin to complain, we are not shown them actually leaving the plane, so we would expect that the crew would see that nobody at all was compfortable to fly.

The Last One (2) - S10-E20

Corrected entry: Rachel is heading off to Paris to work for Louis Vuitton. Isn't it fitting that every piece of her luggage is made by Louis Vuitton, sporting the distinctive brown and gold LV design.


Correction: It would make perfect sense for Louis Vuitton to give their new employee, who is moving accross the ocean to work for them, a full set of luggage.

The Last One (2) - S10-E20

Corrected entry: Aren't you meant to switch all mobile phones off before you board a plane?

Correction: Yes, you're supposed to switch mobile phones off, but it's entirely possible to forget.

Ronnie Bischof

The Last One (2) - S10-E20

Corrected entry: When Phoebe and Ross are in JFK airport, the plane schedule lists Ft Worth. No airlines fly into Ft Worth, they fly into DFW which is between Dallas and Fort Worth.


Correction: It is likely that whatever airline that was that listed the price, lists it as Fort Worth, and not Dallas-Fort Worth. (I have seen airlines do this)

The Last One (2) - S10-E20

Corrected entry: When Rachel hands her passport to the man at the airport, not only does the man read it upside down, but the picture on the passport is actually a picture of Monica from season 1.

Correction: This is not correct, it is a picture of Rachel from season 5-6.

The Last One (2) - S10-E20

Corrected entry: When Rachel is at the airport and handing the gentleman her passport you can see that he looks and reads it up side down. You can tell this by looking at the passport photo.

Correction: A passport does not have to be rightside-up to verify that it is valid and that it is the person in the photo, especially if you read them all the time.

The Last One (2) - S10-E20

Corrected entry: When Ross knows that he's in the wrong airport, the camera goes back and you can see where the stage ends (look at the rug).

Correction: When Ross knows that he's in the wrong airport, the camera doesn't go back, and we can't see where the stage ends.

The Last One (2) - S10-E20

Corrected entry: In the episode The Last One (1), Joey said he sat on the baby welcome sign, but in the episode The Last One (2), when he is going to get something to open the football table, we can see the back side of his jeans and there is no red paint on them.

Correction: He's had plenty of time to change jeans.


The Last One (2) - S10-E20

Corrected entry: In the final episode, Monica and Chandler take home the twins almost immediately after Erica has them. No hospital in the United States would ever allow newborn babies to go home the day they are born. Even the most healthy babies are required to stay at least 24 hours at the hospital.

Correction: This isn't necessarily true. My friend gave birth at 8.30pm and went home with the baby at 11.30 that same night. She said you just need to ask to leave.

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