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The One with the East German Laundry Detergent - S1-E5

Corrected entry: In the last scene of the episode when the friends are sitting on the sofa in Central Perk, Ross has the ice on his forehead because he hit it on the machine in the launderette. At first Rachel is holding it on Ross' head, then in another shot Ross is holding it, then Rachel again, and then in the final shot Ross is holding it. It may be that they did keep switching but it's unlikely and looks more like the scene was filmed twice and the mistake was made when it was edited.

Correction: Actually if you watch them all the time you can actually see them switch hands so there is no mistake.

Matty W

The One with the East German Laundry Detergent - S1-E5

Corrected entry: When Janice comes into the coffee shop to talk to Chandler, she brings several shopping bags which she sets by the couch. But when she gets back from the restroom and Phoebe breaks up with her for Chandler, she leaves the coffee shop without getting her bags from in front of the couch.

Correction: I don't see it as a mistake that someone who has just gone through a break up might have other things on their mind, and therefore forget to pick up their shopping bags.


The One with the East German Laundry Detergent - S1-E5

Corrected entry: In this episode, Ross reclaims their washing machine after the Horrible Woman cons Rachel out of it, and Rachel tells him it's brilliant because she "can't even send back soup". But in The One With The Flashback - set before this - Rachel sends back a whole round of drinks.

He's My Brother

Correction: When she sends back a round of drinks in the flashback episode, she is a secure, wealthy, engaged woman surrounded by her country-club friends. She might have been more secure to point out other peoples' mistakes as the wealthy, engaged Rach but in TOW the east laundry detergent, she is not wealthy OR engaged and she is constantly guffing up coffee orders. She may be more insecure now.

The One with the East German Laundry Detergent - S1-E5

Corrected entry: In this episode, when Monica and Joey are at the restaurant and Monica is talking to the other girl in the bathroom, the latter says that Bob is "really great in bed," to which Monica states that Ross didn't even tell her when he lost his virginity. However, in the previous episode when Ross remembers that it's the anniversary of he and Carol...consummating their physical relationship, he says he told EVERYBODY (including Monica).

Correction: He may have told her that they'd slept together, but she didn't know it was his first time - she probably assumed it was important just because it was Carol.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Joanna: What are you doing?
Chandler: I'm getting dressed.
Joanna: Why?
Chandler: Because when I go outside naked, people throw garbage at me.



When Rachel finds out that Ross and Julie are getting a cat, watch Rachel's neck. When she says "together?" she's not wearing a necklace; cut to Ross and Julie for a fraction of a second, then when it cuts back to Rachel saying "both of you?" she's suddenly wearing a necklace. It then disappears again when she says "isn't that just lovely?" hanging off the side of the tray she's holding.



Matthew Perry's wit is so legendary that the scriptwriters have often incorporated his gags into the show.