United States of Tara

Trivia: Despite the series being a critical darling and winning a number of prestigious awards, it was quietly cancelled during its third season in 2011, and network Showtime never gave a reason why the plug was pulled. Star Toni Collette has stated as recently as 2017 that she was still frustrated that the show had been cancelled, as she loved the series and the cast and thought it would have gone on at least a few more seasons.

Trivia: Buck's gun is named "Persephone." In Greek Mythology, Persephone is the goddess of the underworld, springtime, flowers and vegetation.

Trivia: The character Charmaine was only meant to appear in a few episodes. Actress Rosemarie DeWitt did so well with the role, she ended up appearing in every episode as a series regular.

Trivia: Although all of Tara's "alters" appear throughout the three seasons, the alter "T" actually only appears in any new scenes once throughout the entire second season, in the second-to-last episode, whereas every other alter appears multiple or many times.

Trivia: Though Diablo Cody is credited as the series creator, it was actually cinematic legend Steven Spielberg who came up with the concept and characters. Cody then developed his rough idea into a series, and defined the story, characters and conflicts.

Trivia: Alice is the only one of the "alters" whose name does not appear in the opening credits. Buck's name appears on his motorcycle, while T's name appears as a tattoo on her rear-end.


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