Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Trivia: Although they play mother and daughter, Sheri Foster is only 11 years older than Jane Krakowski.

Trivia: Originally intended as a television series for NBC, where co-creator Tina Fey had successfully run and starred in the popular cult-series "30 Rock" for seven seasons. NBC dropped the series, but it was instantly picked up by Netflix, who ordered two full seasons. It ended up being one of the streaming service's most critically praised original comedy programs.

Trivia: The role of "Titus Andromedon" was written specifically for Tituss Burgess after he impressed Tina Fey with a few small guest appearances on her previous series "30 Rock."

Trivia: Co-star Carol Kane has amusingly admitted than often, she has no clue what her bizarre and referential dialog means, but that she just commits and delivers it with the same gusto she would any other line.

Trivia: Star Ellie Kemper was actually a student of guest star Jon Hamm's acting class when she was in High School. They both found it very amusing that Hamm would go from being her old teacher to portraying a creepy perverted cult-leader who kept Kimmy held hostage.

Trivia: In addition to both being created by Tina Fey, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" has several noticeable parallels to her previous series "30 Rock." Jane Krakowski is a major supporting character in both shows, and both of her characters are vain, wealthy women who have no concept of the "real world." Co-lead Tituss Burgess was a guest-star on "30 Rock" in several episodes. The construction worker who cat-calls Kimmy, realises he's gay and then begins dating Titus was the same actor who portrayed the construction worker who once cat-called Tina Fey on "30 Rock." And both shows have music done by Fey's husband Jeff Richmond. Fey has said that she was considering throwing in some more "30 Rock" 'Easter-Eggs' into "Kimmy", but decided not to, as she considers them to be similar but different "universes."

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When the "Mole Women" are being interviewed on the "Today Show", watch the white circular table in front of them and the couch they are sitting on. The host has a small smattering of papers and a pair of glasses sitting besides him at the beginning of the scene. Throughout the scene, he will sometimes be holding the glasses and using them to gesture, sometimes not. And the papers move about from the couch, to the table, to another position on the table, etc. True, there are several shots where they are not visible, but it would make no logical sense for him to repeatedly pick up and move them between every shot where they're visible for no reason, and he is sitting in the exact same position in every shot, with his body language showing no movement towards them. They obviously shot the scene a few different times and he placed them down in different positions each time, and the scene was constructed with these different shots.