The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 11
17Dave and the Teenager0
18The Adventurers0
19The Goat0
20Any Date in a Storm0
21Decorating Dave's Office0
22Publicity for the Fraternity0
23Women's Club Bazaar0
24Dave's Law Office0
25Dave and the Fraternity Lease0
26June Music Festival0
Season 12
Season 12 generally0
1Torn Dress0
2Secret Agent0
3Ozzie, Joe and the Fashion Models0
4Rick's Wedding Ring0
5Getting Wally in Shape0
6Blue Moose0
7David Takes a Client to Dinner0
8Wally's Pen Pal0
9Lawyers Convention0

Ozzie and the Bridge Group - S6-E34

Continuity mistake: Ozzie goes to a boxing match. Stock footage shows two boxers fighting in a ring surrounded on all sides by ten rows of seats. Almost every seat is occupied. The close-ups show Ozzie sitting in the front row and there are only three rows of seats behind him.

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