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What Would Lucifer Do? - S3-E4

Continuity mistake: Pierce starts to put his phone away, then the shot cuts to him still on it. He then actually puts it away and then again it is in his hands, and he puts it away again. (00:31:28)

Dan: I don't know whether to laugh or to shoot you.
Lucifer: Surprise me.

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Devil Is as Devil Does - S4-E7

Trivia: When Eve is looking at the wanted posters, some of the names on the posters are "Anita Brown", "Eddie Beasley", and "John Ailetcher." Beasley was a prop assistant, Brown was a set costumer, and Ailetcher was a production sound mixer on "Lucifer."


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Save Lucifer - S4-E9

Question: This is a question about when Maze walks into the room when Linda is giving birth. Is this what it would look like in real life in a hospital? It looks like Linda is giving birth in her hospital room (even though the sign says birthing room, the room looks set up for guests), there's only 1 hospital staff, and Amenadiel is in his regular clothes, no sterile or protective coverings. And, ignoring the fact that Maze would go wherever she wants, wouldn't a staff member at least try to stop her from going in or try to prep her for entry? Maybe the 1 staff member was prepping her, but it seemed like they added baby crying sounds to indicate she was in the process of giving birth.


Answer: At least as far as clothing goes, I was in regular clothes when my wife gave birth, only changing into scrubs when they thought we'd have to move to an operating room (but ended up not needing to), otherwise I'd just have stayed in them. The room was also pretty much a regular hospital room, but no doubt there were some birth-specific differences I wasn't aware of!

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