The Flash

The Man in the Yellow Suit - S1-E9

Trivia: Amanda Pays plays Dr. Tina McGee, head of Mercury Labs, a rival to S.T.A.R. Labs. She also played Tina McGee in the 1990 TV show The Flash, however in that series she's the one who helped Barry and built his special suit.


The Man in the Yellow Suit - S1-E9

Trivia: The back pack that Iris gives to Barry has two references - the bag has the colors of the Flash in the comics, red and yellow, and inside there is a comic book of the space ghost, another super hero character.


Flash vs. Arrow - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: As the detectives are talking to their captain about the bank robbery, in a shot from behind the captain he takes his hands off his food and clasps them in front of him. The shot cuts to his front as he starts talking, and he moves his hands and clasps them again.

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The Race of His Life - S2-E23

Harrison Wells: You know what? In battle, choose your weapon wisely. Some people choose a gun. I choose a Philips head screwdriver.
Cisco: Oh, oh. I'm sorry. You're so particular.
Harrison Wells: Ramone, could you just please? Have you ever worked with a tool before?
Cisco: I'm working with one now.

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