I Got a Rocket! (2006)

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I Got a Rocket! mistake picture

Parent Substitute - S1-E37

Continuity mistake: In the last classroom scene, the blue oval design on Gabby's cap appears and disappears between a few of the last shots of the scene, first when Vinnie runs up to Professor Q (because Rocket went ahead and switched both his and Gabby's test papers) and later when Professor Q was talking about how he was ∞ proud of Vinnie.


Kevin Bhasi

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Professor Q: Morning Vincent! Oh what's this? Ah, History Algebration homework! Excellent... The sum of 2 rational squares is equal to men's wear artichoke-friendly most sad sandwich jelly melons?!
Vinnie: Rocket!
Rocket: Hmm... Ha maybe I bounced up the wrong book
Professor Q: Vincent, your homework is 5 watts wrong and 50 gravitons incorrect!



After Vinnie talks about his "responsibility to have fun", he swallows his Squid Shake, while Rocket didn't swallow his (his cup can be seen in the shot). When baby Professor Q cries, both Vinnie and Rocket throw up, even though Rocket didn't swallow his drink.