The Blacklist

The Blacklist (2013)

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Pattie Sue Edwards (No. 68) - S5-E15

Character mistake: When Aram wears the CDC hazmat suit, the CDC personnel advises Aram that he has 20 minutes of air to keep him alive, making the mission time critical. What she says additionally is that "oxygen levels plummet and carbon monoxide (CO) levels rise" CO is not a byproduct of human respiration - carbon dioxide is.

Ivan - S1-E17

Other mistake: The license plate of the car used by Platt (93N-LI62) is the same as the one used by Charlotte Patterson in episode 13 (season 1): The Cyprus Agency. (00:01:10)

Pilot - S1-E1

Factual error: Elizabeth takes a look at one of the passports, which on the outside is Swiss but the info on the inside corresponds to that of a German passport. (00:43:25)

Ian Garvey (No. 13) - S5-E8

Character mistake: Tom's toe tag says that he was 33 at the time of death. In the next episode, Ruin, his Tombstone says he lived from 1985 to 2017, making him 32 at the time of death. (00:41:55)

Alexander Kirk: Conclusion - S3-E23

Factual error: Airport Abel Santamaria is not in Baracoa, but in Santa Clara. Baracoa airport's name is Gustavo Rizo.

Season 1 generally

Continuity mistake: When Agent Keen first finds Tom's blue key in the base of the lamp she places it on the whiteboard in her op centre, however when she realises that she has to play along with Tom, she is seen putting it back when it was in the base of the lamp. The next time she takes it, it is back on the whiteboard again.

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