Strike Back

Strike Back (2010)

4 mistakes - chronological order

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Project Dawn #10 - S2-E10

Plot hole: After Grant finishes her video confession, Latif puts the video recorder in his cargo pant pocket. A few scenes later, he's blown up without ever having taken the video camera out of his pocket. He was at the epicenter of the explosion and he and his clothes were very much on fire, which should have completely destroyed the video camera and its recording.

Episode #3.2 - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: Dalton and the terrorist are fleeing from the building when Locke arrives and hits the terrorist who has backed into the street with his car, thereby saving Dalton. The terrorist flies over the hood and lands behind the car in the street, never going anywhere near the driver's side of the car. Locke reenters his car to a broken driver's side mirror.


Episode #4.4 - S4-E4

Factual error: In a scene when the team is fleeing they are trapped by the enemy, there is a shot of parked cars among them is a car with a number plate ending in GP. This is the number plate of Johannesburg or Gauteng Province. The series is supposed to be filmed in Beirut. The car's number plate reveals it is actually being filmed in Johannesburg. (00:15:47)

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