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Continuity mistake: When Sarah, Judy and Peter are in the store, where the riot is going on, they spot the Jumanji Board Game sitting on the till counter. To the right of the till is a very large "Sand and Water Activity Table" box. In one shot the box it facing so you can see the upper part/top of the box. It then cuts, and the box has mysteriously rotated 180°, so that you can now see the lower part/bottom of the box! In the same shots, there is a trolley by the till, with some items and a box in it. Cut back to the trolley and there's now two boxes in it! It then cuts, and the box is back to it's original position, and the box in the trolley disappears! If you look more closely, the entire shelf unit behind the counter is completely different!!! (01:05:55)

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