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Continuity mistake: After the T. Rex escapes its paddock and is drawn to the light Lex is holding, when the T. Rex begins to roar in the shots from inside Explorer 4 there's a Jurassic Park sticker adhered to the windshield (not the ID tag hanging from rear-view mirror), that wasn't there before.

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Suggested correction: The supposed sticker on the window is merely a reflection on the glass of the tag that is hanging from the rear-view mirror.

That is definitely not a reflection. The design is different and the dinosaur skeleton is facing the same way. It would have been reversed if it was a reflection.

It is a reflection but not of the tag, probably something that is lying on the dashboard.


There are previous shots of the top of the dashboard and there's never anything lying on the dashboard. And it can't be the reflection of the hanging tag because the T-Rex skeleton logo is sideways.

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I've seen previous shots but none show the dashboard. In between shots someone in the car could have put something there, like their own personal pass or something. In any case it is most definitely a reflection as it's too vague and the angle is weird.


The problem with the suggested correction's explanation is the dinosaur skeleton logo is sideways, whereas on the hanging ID tag the logo is upright.

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