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5th Aug 2018

Buy the book!

My new book "Great Movie Mistakes" is out now on Kindle. It has 500+ mistakes, 80 images, and helps support the site. :-) Please buy, review, and spread it around...

27th Apr 2018

New - notifications!

A new addition to the site - members now get notifications when they get answers to questions, corrections are suggested, people like their submissions, new content for their favourite titles...stuff like that. Nothing too invasive, just look for the red blob on the menu at the top left for new ones, then click "notifications" in the side menu.

All notifications can be cleared by clicking "mark all as seen", and site-wide notifications like this won't be posted too often. Please contact me with any suggestions (for example, do you want to be able to hide/show specific types of notification?) or problems.

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