Quotes from Doug Bradley movies and TV shows

John Merchant: For God's sake.
Pinhead: Do I look like someone who cares what God thinks?

Pinhead: Two minutes. Two centuries. It all ticks by so quickly. You are so very like your ancestor, did you know that? I have the distinct sense of déjà vu. The same defiance, the same faithless hope in the light.
Dr. Paul Merchant: And what do you have faith in?
Pinhead: Nothing. I am SO exquisitely empty.

Angelique: Things seem to have changed.
Pinhead: Hell is more ordered since your time, princess, and much less amusing.

Pinhead: Young... unformed... oh, what appetites I could teach him.
Bobbi Merchant: Just give him to me, please.
Pinhead: Aha ha, oh, you suffer beautifully. But I am here for business, not pleasure.
Bobbi Merchant: Just tell me what you want.
Pinhead: Oh, I want bait... live bait.

Security Guard 1: Don't make us put some pain on you.
Pinhead: Pain? How dare you use that word?
Security Guard 2: He's got... pins in his head.
Pinhead: What you think of as pain is a shadow. Pain has a face. Allow me to show it to you. Gentlemen, I... Am... Pain.

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Pinhead: All problems solved? Not so simple, I'm afraid.

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Pinhead: It's all a puzzle, isn't it, Joseph? Like a game of chess, perhaps. The pieces move, apparently aimlessly, but always towards one single objective: to kill the king. But who is the king in this game, Joseph? That is the question you must ask yourself.

Pinhead: Your flesh is killing your spirit.

Pinhead: Welcome... to Hell.

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