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Quotes from Rick Moranis movies and TV shows

Bob McKenzie: I gotta take a leak so bad I can taste it.

Doug McKenzie: I am your father, Luke. Give in to the dark side of the force, you knob.
Bob McKenzie: He saw Jedi 17 times, eh.

Bob McKenzie: This movie was shot in 3B - three beers - and it looks good, eh?

Bob McKenzie: I was like a one-man army, like Charlton Heston in "Omega Man." You ever see it? Beauty.

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David Leary: I'm very sorry about this, sir, I can assure you it won't happen again. Will it Ben?
Ben: Who can predict the future?
David Leary: I can.

Roscoe "Fang" Bigger: You were my friend and you betrayed me.
David Leary: You thought we were friends? You beat me up, you humiliated me, I'm 35 years old and I still have nightmares about the fourth grade! That's not what friends do for eachother, a friend is supposed to make you feel good about yourself.
Roscoe "Fang" Bigger: Really? Then you're the best friend I ever had.

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Rutt: Hey, don't go near this patch here, eh. Something went in here.

Rutt: Hey, you know what this calls for? A pile of delicious barley and amber wheat on a cool bed of malted hops, eh.
Tuke: I like it.

Tuke: What's he getting all worked up about, eh?
Rutt: I don't know. Maybe the goose pooped on him, eh?

Rutt: I can't believe you totaled a mammoth.
Tuke: Hey, that mountain came out of nowhere.
Rutt: I cannot accept what you have to say.
Tuke: Oh, come on, it was in my blind spot.

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Barney Rubble: Tell me something, Mr. Vice President, what's a graduated inventory plan? How about supply and demand? Hey Fred, what's two and two?
Fred Flintstone: ...I didn't come here to talk business. I'm out with my wife. Now get me a clean spoon.

Fred Flintstone: I'm only one man.
Barney Rubble: Not from the back.

Barney Rubble: You know, Fred, I hear that eatin' too much red meat is bad for you.
Fred Flintstone: What a load of bunk! My father ate it every day of his life and he lived to the ripe old age of thirty-eight.

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Nick: Dad, were you ever popular in school?
Wayne: You bet. I was president of the astronomy club three years in a row. We were happenin' guys.

Wayne: Oh no. Honey, I shrunk the kids.

Wayne: We're his parents, we'll handle this. Diane, how do we handle this?

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Russell 'Russ' Thompson, Sr.: Hey, Szalinski, your lawn's beginning to look like the Amazon.
Wayne Szalinski: Yeah, producing oxygen, Russ. We all have to do our part. You know how all the jungles are receding everywhere.

Wayne Szalinski: Don't worry about them, they've got the Thompson kids with them. They'll be fine.
Diane Szalinski: That's another thing I'm worried about: Amy. In the dark. With Little Russ Thompson.
Wayne Szalinski: Get some rest.
Diane Szalinski: They'd better behave themselves.

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Gordon Szalinski: You are dead meat, mister.
Wayne Szalinski: Gordon, you're three-quarters of an inch tall, now's not the time.

Wayne Szalinski: Baseball's just a phase, it'll pass. But science is always cool.

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