Quotes from Dylan O'Brien movies and TV shows

Aubrey Miller: So this girl Jane, she doesn't like you back?
Dave Hodgman: She does... platonically. As a friend.
Aubrey Miller: Oh, I know what platonically means. I'm a junior, not a moron.

Dave Hodgman: Jane, Janie... I'm going to go.
Jane Harmon: What? But I was just telling you about... Don't you want to talk?
Dave Hodgman: No, not tonight. I'll see you on Monday, okay?
Jane Harmon: Okay.

Aubrey Miller: You're ridiculous.
Dave Hodgman: Well, deal with it.

Dave Hodgman: You dig me.

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Thomas: Look, even if we find Minho, there's no guarantee we'll make it back from this.
Newt: Well, you'll need all the help you can then, won't you? Well, we started this together, may as well end it that way, too.

Thomas: How many kids do they have to roud up, torture, kill? When the hell does it stop?
Teresa: It stops when we find a cure.
Thomas: There is no goddamn cure.

Brenda: You can't save everyone, Thomas.
Thomas: I can try.

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Thomas: Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I gotta find out for sure.

Janson: Thomas, think about what your doing.
Thomas: Yeah let me guess wckd is good?

Thomas: I don't think anybody every really leaves this place.

Blondie: Here. Drink this.
Thomas: What is it?
Blondie: The price of admission.

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