John Agar

Quotes from John Agar movies and TV shows

Captain Nathan Brittles: Give 'em a wide berth. Mr Cohill, past Sudrow's Wells by way of Twin Forks.
Lt. Flint Cohill: We'll lose half a day, sir.
2nd Lt. Ross Penell: The ladies will miss their stage, sir.
Captain Nathan Brittles: Would you rather have them miss their scalps, sir?

Lt. Flint Cohill: Where do you plan on having your picnic, Ross?
2nd Lt. Ross Penell: Three months from now at Delmonico's in New York with Olivia on my arm, and I won't be wearning a blue suit either, bub.

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Dr. Matt Hastings: But what if circumstances magnified one of them in size and strength, took it out of its primitive world and turned it loose in ours?
Prof. Townsend: Then expect something that's fiercer, more cruel and deadly than anything that ever walked the earth.

Dr. Matt Hastings: Listen, I'm just a country doctor, but I know what I know, and I know agromegalia doesn't turn up in four days out of left field.

Dr. Matt Hastings: If there's anything a man hates it's to be told he's wrong when he knows he's right.

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