Quotes from Larenz Tate movies and TV shows

Anthony Curtis: Ya'll may think I'm crazy but I just want to do something that's different.
Skip: Well, gettin' your fuckin' head blown off is different, haha. Hey man, turn that shit down and slow this mother fucker down, ain't nobody in a hurry to get to school.

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Demetrius Hicks: I know you don't like the police. Damn sure talkin' to a police in a attic. Back in the day, I couldn't stand the police, man. They used to fuck with us all the time, me and my homies, be rollin' down the street. They'd pull us over jackin' fools.
Overdose: You po-po.
Demetrius Hicks: I know.

Demetrius Hicks: Why are you still alive and your homies are dead?
Overdose: I was in the attic.
Demetrius Hicks: Doin' what?
Overdose: Hidin'.
Demetrius Hicks: What kind of coward shit is that, man?
Overdose: You see homey in there in that chair with his tongue pulled through his neck? Man, you'd better get real. Reflexes too slow.

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O-Dog: I'll be larger then that ni**a Steven Seagal I'll be a big-ass-movie-star, shit.
A-Wax: Yeah that shit was cool, but I would have it done much better - it's all about A-wax.

O-Dog: Hey man, I was gonna tell you somethin' 'fore we went up in the house, man.
Caine: What's up?
O-Dog: Oh ni**a, guess what? Word got back about them little marks who jacked you and Harold. I know were they be kickin' it at. Down with a 187?
Caine: Let's do this.

Caine: Ni**a, I know you ain't dumb enough to be showin' ni**as the robbery tape, man. What's up with that?
O-Dog: Man, cool out, ni**a. We just havin' fun with the motherfuckin' tape. Damn, all right, ain't nobody else gonna see the tape. The shit is funny to me, though.

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