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Beowulf: Why not take that girl, and live out your remaining years in peace? Let some young hero save us.
Wealthow: And let the nightmare begin anew? No. I visited this horror upon my kingdom. I must be the one to finish her.
Wealthow: "Her..." Was she beautiful, Beowulf? A beauty so costly.
Beowulf: Beautiful, and full of fine promises. I was weak. I am sorry. So, so sorry. I have always loved you, my Queen.
Wealthow: And I you.

Wealthow: There have been many a brave soldier come to taste my husband's mead.

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Will Francis: Hi. I'm sorry.
Liv: You smell of perfume.
Will Francis: Well, I don't know how I do.
Liv: Nor do I.
Will Francis: I love you.
Liv: Is that an answer?
Will Francis: It's the truth. I feel as if I'm tapping on a window. You're somewhere behind the glass but you can't hear me. Even when you're angry, like now, it's like someone a long long way away is angry with me.

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Mary Surratt: So, what is it you wish to know?
Frederick Aiken: Why Booth and his associates were constants in your home.
Mary Surratt: I ran a boarding house, Mr Aiken. Forgive me if I chose to fill it with boarders.

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Claire Underwood: What shall we serve the Walkers?
Frank Underwood: Cyanide?
Claire Underwood: I was saving that for dessert.


Chapter 26 - S2-E13

Claire: You have to stop him.
Frank: I'm trying.
Claire: Trying is not enough, Francis.
Frank: Well, I can't sit next to him in the hearing room with a gun to his head.
Claire: That sounds like an excuse.
Frank: It's a reality.


Chapter 39 - S3-E13

Claire Underwood: We've been lying for a long time, Francis.
Francis Underwood: Of course we have, imagine what the voters would think if we started telling the truth.

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Pippa Lee: What made you lose your faith?
Chris Nadeau: I just stopped believing God was a mystery you could nail down with one book.

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