Quotes from J.T. Walsh movies and TV shows

Red Barr: Now, before you get any half-baked ideas about calling in the cavalry, just remember we're gonna be watching you every step of the way. And we'll be listening on those scanners. And if we see anything unusual, an unmarked car or truck, or if we see you talking to anyone who even remotely smells like a cop... well, you can just keep your fucking money, Jeff, and I'll send you pieces of her from time to time.

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Charles Drucker: Harris. Say something honest, no holds barred. GO.
Harris: I like... small boys.
Charles Drucker: About the product, you fucking idiot.

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Sgt. Major Dickerson: [Pointing to his rank insignia.] What does three up and three down mean to you, airman?
Adrian Cronauer: End of an inning?

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Karl: There was a boy. We made friends.
Charles Bushman: Ha ha, I'll bet you did. 'Course I was never bent that way, I was always bent the other way.

Charles Bushman: Karl, who'd you kill? Was it the boy?
Karl: Don't you say another word about that boy. Fact'o business, don't you say another word to me. I ain't listening to you no more.

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Bob Woodward: Why didn't you go home, John? Why did you kill yourself?
John Belushi: Vietnam, man.
Bob Woodward: You never served.
John Belushi: Society fucked me over, like Lenny Bruce.
Bob Woodward: Lenny Bruce? John, you were a living legend! Your friend Dan Ayrkoyd called you "America's guest." Come on, what was the real reason?
John Belushi: I have no idea.
Bob Woodward: What was it? Why did you do it?
John Belushi: Because I needed IT! because IT'S mine.

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