Anthony Anderson

Quotes from Anthony Anderson movies and TV shows

Trish: Hey, what are you doing?
Orin Boyd: I'm a cop, it's all right.
Trish: Since when do cops make things okay?
T.K. Johnson: Yeah, man! Since when do cops make... Man, that shit hurts.

Henry Wayne: Do you like big women?
T.K. Johnson: I love big women. Oh, if you want to feel the heat you got to have the meat.

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DJay: Who's this ni**a?
Key: That's Shelby, he plays piano in my church. I thought he could help us develop your sound.
DJay: You know he's white, right?
Key: Naw, he just light-skinned.

DJay: That's a bottom bitch for you. I mean, we got everything we need right here. And all this stuff in this... this little-bitty space, man, it just looks so much bigger now. I'm here trying to squeeze a dollar out of a dime, and I ain't even got a cent, man.
Key: It takes time, Djay.

Key: Sometimes I feel like... like I talked such a good game when we was young, man. About my own studio and my own label, that... shit, DJay, now I'm just payin' rent, man. This shit right here gotta work. It gotta work, man, 'cause it ain't over for me.

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Louis Booker: Don't worry, Charlie. We'll get the money back, all right? He can't go far.
Charlie Carbone: It's a continent, Louis. He can go very far.
Louis Booker: I know it's a continent. I read the book.
Charlie Carbone: Did you happen to read the chapter on not putting your jacket on a wild animal?
Louis Booker: No, but I did read the chapter on how an aborigine can kill a white man with a twig. Do you want to see that one?

Louis Booker: Sal won't kill you. He's married to your mother.
Charlie Carbone: If Sal Maggio thinks I stole his money, he'll kill me in front of my mother and then make her clean it up.

Jessie: So it's safe to assume your not on vacation.
Louis Booker: No. Charlie's stepfather is a mobster back in New York, and he had us sent out here to deliver a package.
Jessie: Oh! And you got me in the middle of this?
Charlie Carbone: I am so sorry, Jessie. I never thought this would happen.
Jessie: And you lied to me.

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PJ: If you jacked it, how come you got a receipt?
B-Rad: I stole that too.

Tec: Grab Fatback! I got Milkdud.
PJ: I'm soft.

PJ: What make you think you know what goes down up in the hood anyway?
B-rad: BET.

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G: Who's taking care of your kids?
Lonnie: Jesus.

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Lone Wolf Morales: After our friend kills those kids with the trombone, who does he go after next?
Chief Deputy Tillman: In the movie after the trombone killing there's a double homicide at a farm house.
Lone Wolf Morales: Every damn house out here is a farm house.

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Tony: The CIA ain't got shit on a woman with a plan.

Tony: I don't need to know nothin' 'bout women when I got a momma, a cat, nine sisters and a gay uncle.

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