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Jack Foster: It ain't over til the wolf howls.

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Casey Ryback: Al right, who are you and what are you doing here?
Jordan Tate: My name is Jordan Tate. I'm Miss July '89. I was hired to jump out of the cake, but I got really airsick on the way over here so this guy gave me these pills and I don't know what happened, and I guess I fell asleep.
Casey Ryback: What kind of babbling bullshit is this?

Casey Ryback: You're comin' with me, you gotta be invisible. You walk by a hatch and you see the enemy, you become the hatch.

Ensign Taylor: Petty Officer Ryback.
Casey Ryback: Ensign Taylor.
Ensign Taylor: SIR.
Casey Ryback: You don't have to "sir" me, Ensign Taylor. We're casual in the galley, you know.
Ensign Taylor: I'd watch it, Ryback. We still have a week together.
Casey Ryback: I guess that means I won't get to see you go through puberty.

Jordan Tate: You're not a cook.
Casey Ryback: Yeah, well... I also cook.

Casey Ryback: Keep the faith, Strannix.

Jordan Tate: I told you I don't like guns.
Casey Ryback: I know. Neither do I.

Casey Ryback: I'll tell you what. I'll carry everything if you kill whoever we run into, all right?
Jordan Tate: I have a little rule about killing people. Well, actually I have two rules. See, one: I don't date musicians, and two: I do not kill people, okay?
Casey Ryback: I'm thrilled to death to hear that, yeah. But it leaves a lot of open territory.

Casey Ryback: Krill's a maniac! Go tell the captain he spit in my soup.
Pvt. Nash: Ryback, you've got a fire in here.
Casey Ryback: Get my pies out of the oven.

Capt. Adams: Chief, get in your dress uniform.
Casey Ryback: Sir, you know how I feel about ceremonies. I thought maybe this time, uh.
Capt. Adams: You know, if I had your ribbons, I'd wear 'em to bed.

Casey Ryback: Another cold day in Hell.

Jordan Tate: So, who are you? Are you like some special forces guy or something?
Casey Ryback: No, I'm just a cook.
Jordan Tate: A cook?
Casey Ryback: Just a lowly, lowly cook.
Jordan Tate: Oh my god, we're gonna die.

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Casey Ryback: You think this is being shot? This ain't being shot.

Casey Ryback: Is this your lunch?

Casey Ryback: Nobody beats me in the kitchen.

Casey Ryback: What am I doing? Oh, I'm making a bomb.

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