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Hank: Poop is when your body takes everything it doesn't want and squeezes it out your butt.

Hank: Let me... eat you.

Hank: Because I'm just a scared, ugly, useless person.
Manny: But maybe everyone's a little bit ugly. Maybe we're all just dying sacks of shit, and maybe all it'll take is one person to just be okay with that, and then the whole world will be dancing and singing and farting, and everyone will feel a little bit less alone.
Hank: Manny, you have no idea how nice that sounds.

Hank: OK Manny talk to her.
Manny: What I talk about?
Hank: Just whatever comes naturally.
Manny: Hello!, I don't know why but I have the sudden urge to put my mouth on your mouth.
Hank: OK that's called kissing you can't do that yet is too fast.
Manny: Oh! how about if I put my penis on you.
Hank: That's even worse.
Manny: Oh! so sorry, what about if just the tip, like just the very beginning.
Hank: OK Manny is not about sex.

Hank: Manny I think your penis is guiding us home.

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