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Greg Sestero: You are a fucking villain, you fucking Frankenstein-looking motherfucker. (01:16:15)

Tommy Wiseau: Los Angeles, everybody want to be star. All the pretty boys. They're lining up for the big shot.
Greg Sestero: Just uh, just have to get lucky, I guess.
Tommy Wiseau: No. No. It's not luck, Greg. Greg, you have to be the best. You have to be the best you can be. And never give up.

Greg: Hey if I can have a career in this business, so can you, man.
Tommy: Uh... I don't want career.
Greg: You don't want a career? I thought that's...
Tommy: I want my own planet.
Greg: Your own planet?
Tommy: Yeah it's cool. Everybody love each other. That's why it's the best planet.

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Sensei Wu: I've taken a sudden move to fourth the secret ninja force. Are you ready to risk your life for Ninjago?
Lloyd: Yes, I'm on it.

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Pete: Do you think maybe we've gone too far? I'm a child of divorce and I sympathize with them.
Teddy Sanders: My parents love each other, and I think it's hilarious.

Pete: He puts his dick in your mouth while you were asleep, bitch.
Assjuice: Uh-uh, I wasn't asleep.

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Mike Pancake: I've never been on a business trip before. I'm pretty jacked. What do you guys do on them?
Dan Trunkman: Can you not say your whole name today because the client can lose focus?
Mike Pancake: I'm Mike Pancake.
Jim Spinch: What was your last name?
Mike Pancake: Pancake.
Jim Spinch: Like breakfast?
Mike Pancake: It's Greek.
Jim Spinch: It's delicious.
Bill Whilmsley: Yum.

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