Quotes from Ray Milland movies and TV shows

Margot Mary Wendice: Oh, there you are. We thought you were never coming. What have you been up to?
Tony Wendice: I'm sorry darling, but the boss came in just as I was leaving.
Margot Mary Wendice: Tony, this is Mark Halliday.
Tony Wendice: Hello Mark.
Mark Halliday: Hello.

C.A. Swan: Just a minute. I'm supposed to have come in through these windows. Suppose they'd been locked?
Tony Wendice: It wouldn't matter. You see, she often takes a walk around the garden before she goes to bed, and she usually forgets to lock up when she gets back. That's what I shall tell the police.
C.A. Swan: Yes, but she may say that.
Tony Wendice: But she isn't going to say anything, is she?

Chief Insp. Hubbard: Good morning, Sir. I'm Chief Inspector Hubbard, in charge of criminal investigation of this division.
Tony Wendice: Oh, I think we gave your sergeant all the necessary information.
Chief Insp. Hubbard: Yes, I've seen his report of course, but there are a few things I'd like to get firsthand.

Tony Wendice: I've been following you ever since.
C.A. Swan: Why?
Tony Wendice: Well, I was hoping that sooner or later I might catch you at something and be able to, ah.
C.A. Swan: Blackmail me?
Tony Wendice: Influence you.

Chief Insp. Hubbard: There is evidence however that he was blackmailing you.
Tony Wendice: Blackmail?
Mark Halliday: Yes, I'm afraid it's true, Tony.
Chief Insp. Hubbard: And you suggest that he came in by the window. And we know that he came in by that door.
Margot Mary Wendice: But he can't have come in that way. That door was locked. And there are only two keys. My husband had his with him, and mine was in my handbag. Here.
Chief Insp. Hubbard: You could have let him in.

Tony Wendice: It's funny to think that just a year ago, I sat in that Knightsbridge Pub actually planning to murder her. And I might have done it, if I hadn't seen something that changed my mind.
C.A. Swan: Well? What did you see?
Tony Wendice: I saw you.

Tony Wendice: At exactly three minutes to eleven, you'll enter the house through the street door. You'll find the key to this door under the stair carpet here.
C.A. Swan: The fifth step?
Tony Wendice: That's the one. Go straight to the window, and hide behind the curtains. At exactly eleven o'clock, I shall go to the telephone in the hotel to call my boss. I shall dial the wrong number. This number. That's all I shall do.

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Willi Hilfe: We thought you'd been killed.
Stephen Neale: Not quite.

Stephen Neale: Mr. Travers is quite put out.

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Harry Baldwin: The war's over - we won.
Dr. Powell Strong: Well, ding, ding for us.

Ann Baldwin: Intelligent people don't just turn their backs on the rest of the world.
Harry Baldwin: Under these conditions, intelligent people will be the first to try.

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