Quotes from Dane DeHaan movies and TV shows

Harry Osborn: You're a fraud, Spider-Man!

Harry Osborn: C'mon, everybody wants my money!

Green Goblin: Heh... Peter! When you said Spider-Man said no, you meant you said NO!

Harry Osborn: I want you to make Spider-Man bleed!

Harry Osborn: What is all this stuff?
Donald Menken: The future.

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Andrew Detmer: I could crush you! I could crush you.

Andrew Detmer: I'm stronger than this.

Andrew Detmer: I'm an apex predator.

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Lucien Carr: First thought, best thought.

Allen Ginsberg: Some things, once you've loved them, become yours forever./And if you try to let them go... /They only circle back and return to you./They become part of who you are.
Lucien Carr: ...or they destroy you.

Lucien Carr: I was a kid, and you dragged me into your perverted mess.
David Kammerer: How can you say that? You know that's not true. I will never give up on us.
Lucien Carr: You're pathetic.

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Zach Orfman: Oh, everything's great. Beth's alive and it was all just one big hoax. So, just forget about it.
Judy Orfman: Well, I don't think that's funny.
Zach Orfman: Yeah, well, I don't either.

Zach Orfman: We're going to go for a hike.
Geenie Slocum: Not a hot idea.
Maury Slocum: In broad daylight? Zach, are you nuts?
Geenie Slocum: Wait till nightfall.
Beth Slocum: Why?
Maury Slocum: Because, baby, it's safer.
Beth Slocum: At night? Who hikes at night?

Erica Wexler: I'm so sorry about Beth, by the way. Your mom talked to my mom about it.
Zach Orfman: I used to really want her to come back.
Erica Wexler: Of course.
Zach Orfman: But things are really complicated between us, you know? Like kind of fucked up.
Erica Wexler: Right.
Zach Orfman: Now, I just kind of wish she would stay dead.

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Jan Van Loos: I've come to paint a portrait.

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