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Gertie Michaels: Maybe we're dead and this is Heaven.
Vicki Summers: This can't be Heaven. Max is here and she's Jewish.
Gertie Michaels: Oh, right. Well, maybe it's Jewish Heaven.

Max Cartwright: Vicki, you don't have to die.
Vicki Summers: I'm the mean girl in the 80s horror movie and we're past the midpoint, so, you know, I'd say that I'd overstayed my welcome.

Max Cartwright: Gertie, you're a virgin.
Gertie Michaels: No. Well, not anymore. Last summer with that guy, Jerry. He had like the weird mustache and he, like, winked. Remember?
Vicki Summers: Isn't he autistic?
Gertie Michaels: Yeah. Yeah. He is. But he was also very romantic.

Vicki Summers: Gertie, I'm sorry for that time in junior high when I told everyone to start calling you Ba-Chunk-a-Dunk, and then I covered your locker in bacon. That was so crappy and I'm so sorry! I'm such a bad person.
Gertie Michaels: You're not, it's okay. If it makes you feel better, last summer I'm the one who spread the rumor that said you had a weird disease where you were always on your period.
Vicki Summers: Wow, that's evil.
Gertie Michaels: Thank you.

Vicki Summers: Where do they keep the chainsaws here?
Paula: What?
Vicki Summers: We might wanna find out, right? Where they keep them? Because you never know when you might need a chainsaw.
Paula: Why do we need a chainsaw for a slumber party?

Kurt: Hey, where's you guys' suitcases? Because honestly, you're clothes, they're disgusting.
Vicki Summers: Says the guy in the crop top.

Vicki Summers: Tyson wanted to come here tonight and I was like, "Oh my God, no," but here we are. So, you win, Tyson.
Chris Briggs: So, you didn't see my post about it, or anything?
Vicki Summers: No, I don't go on your stupid Twitter. Which, by the way, has lost three more followers today.

Nancy: I can't believe they're all dead.
Vicki Summers: They were never alive! They weren't real. Neither are you because this is just a movie.

Vicki Summers: I am glad that you die.
Kurt: What?
Duncan: Nothing! What she meant to say was that we all die eventually. Technically, we start dying the moment we're born.

Kurt: Oh, what's up, funbags?
Vicki Summers: Funbags? Right. Yay, feminism.

Vicki Summers: Nancy, you can't be the final girl. It's not in your DNA, or whatever. You're the shy girl with the clipboard and the guitar. You get laid and then you die. You're just part of the body count. No offense.

Vicki Summers: I can't believe we're just gonna casually watch someone get murdered. What is this, Detroit?

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Jane Marke: Anything you need, Becky can source it within the hour.
Becky Clearidge: Except for any sort of illegal drugs. Those, I'll have in 15 minutes.

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