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Tommy Smith: Chief Talley?
Jeff Talley: Yeah, Tommy.
Tommy Smith: Is my daddy gonna be okay?
Jeff Talley: Yeah, son. A good friend o' mine is watchin' over him.

Jennifer Smith: Would you stop it?
Tommy Smith: We need to help daddy.
Jennifer Smith: Shut up! Watch the tv. That's the police, okay? They're gonna help.
Tommy Smith: We gotta cut the tape.
Jennifer Smith: Shut up.
Tommy Smith: Pull all together, okay? Off the bed then like maybe we can get what's under the bed.
Jennifer Smith: Under my bed? What's under my bed?
Tommy Smith: Your bong. We can break it.
Jennifer Smith: What? Have you been sneaking in my room?

Lumpy: I want to go home.
Roo: What if we leave now.
Roo: You will miss out how great Halloween is.

Toe Thompson: That's it! Say hello to my little friend!

Toe Thompson: What's wrong with me?
Cole Black: What's wrong with you? Oh buddy, where do I begin?

Buddha: Sometimes, helping others is a way to help ourselves.
Mudbud: The zen dude is right.

Shasta: This is where my mom and dad died.
Mudbud: We know, Dude.
Shasta: You do? And you still raced even though you knew it was so dangerous?
Buddha: Like Talon said, "Sometimes, you have to have faith."

Shasta: You guys ever dog sled race?
Rosebud: Right now, we just want to get home.
Shasta: Well, let's go see St. Bernie. He should be able to help.
Buddha: Wow. We have never met a saint before.

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