Quotes from Anthony Starke movies and TV shows

Father Luke Brophy: She has an unGodly voice, maniacal facial expressions.
Father Jebedaiah Mayii: That doesn't prove a thing, she could be related to Joe Cocker.
Father Luke Brophy: No.
Father Jebedaiah Mayii: Could it be she had PMS?

Nancy: You're praying to a God you've never even seen before.
Father Luke Brophy: I don't need to see him, for the bible says that God created man in his own image.
Nancy: Oh yeah? Then how do you explain Pee Wee Herman?

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Tara: I speak perfect English. I also cook 815 international dishes, perform 637 sexual acts, use all the popular home appliances. Shall I cook you something.
Chad Finletter: No. Thank you.
Tara: How 'bout a blow job, maybe iron your pants?

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