Quotes from Michael Ealy movies and TV shows

Bernie: I wanna talk to you, man. All that stuff that I was sayin' to you about her potentially being Alison? I didn't mean it, man. I'm seeing a difference in you. I feel like it's because of her. I'm kind of like, jealous, a little bit? I'm really happy for you, Danny.
Danny: Really?
Bernie: Fuck no! This is stupid.

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Ben Thomas: It is within my power to drastically change his cirumstances, but I don't want to give that man a gift he doesn't deserve.

Ben Thomas: I haven't treated myself very well.
Emily Posa: Start now.

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Jake Attica: Shit is bleak out there.

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Tea Cake: Oh, Janie, you're the kind o' woman that'll make a man forget to grow old.

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