Quotes from Jonathan Silverman movies and TV shows

Brucey Madison: You thinking about moving out here, Pop?
Oscar Madison: To where? Santa Yosinta-Malienta-Poliguenta? I'm not gonna learn another language just to find my way home at night.

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[Richard's in the water behind the boat and Larry is returning.]
Richard Parker: Stop the boat, you idiot! Stop the boat!
Larry Wilson: Where...where are the brakes?
Richard Parker: Boats don't have brakes, captain!

Gwen: You wanna sit down?
Richard Parker: No, better not! No! The way things are going, I'm gonna break my ass!

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Richard Parker: Stealing shoes off a dead man. Oh, we're going to hell.

Richard Parker: Why would you need to guard a dead man stuck in a two foot refrigerator?

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